Where to watch 'Batwoman' Season 3? Release date, trailer, and all about The CW show

A still from Batwoman Season 3 (Image via The CW)
A still from Batwoman Season 3 (Image via The CW)

The CW's Batwoman is slated to return this week. Season 2 established the character of Ryan Wilder taking the mantle of the titular character. The upcoming season is expected to explore Ryan's backstory more, as seen in the trailer (below).

Batwoman Season 3 will premiere on The CW on October 13. The series began filming in July 2019 and is expected to wrap up with the season finale in December.

Series showrunner Caroline Dries told TVLine:

"It's really like opening an old wound, and Ryan's not sure if she wants to deal with it. Part of her (Ryan Wilder) thinks Alice is messing with her, and deep down is hoping that Alice is messing with her, so she doesn't have to deal with this. What she ultimately learns is Alice was telling the truth."

Who is returning for Batwoman Season 3 on The CW?

The main cast includes Javicia Leslie (Ryan Wilder/Batwoman), Rachel Skarsten (Beth Kane/Alice), Meagan Tandy (Sophie Moore), Nicole Kang (Mary Hamilton), and Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox/Batwing).

Meanwhile, the CEO of Jet Industries in Gotham City, Jeda Jet, will be played by Robin Givens. Nick Creegan is slated to portray Jeda's son Marquis Jet, who forms a bond with Ryan, while Victoria Cartagena will also play a character from GCPD.

The most exciting casting news for Season 3 is the inclusion of Bridget Regan, portraying the iconic Poison Ivy (aka Pamela Isley).

Expected plot

In the last season of Batwoman, Alice established that Ryan's biological mother is still alive. Thus, Season 3 could explore the latter finding her mother's whereabouts, who some fans have speculated to be Jeda Jet.

The end of Season 2 also had several items from Batman's rogues' gallery getting lost. In the series, Renee Montoya is tasked with recovering those items and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

Batwoman Season 3 will premiere with the first episode (titled "Mad As a Hatter") dealing with Alice's fan nabbing Mad Hatter's hat. Episode 2 (Loose Teeth) will be dealing with the famed DC villain, Killer Croc. The second episode is also expected to have Alice teaming up with Ryan to stop Croc.

While Episode 3 ("Freeze") is expected to deal with another iconic Batman villain, Mr. Freeze, further episode titles are unknown.

Although the third season will showcase multiple antagonists, the series will focus more on Poison Ivy.

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