Where to watch BTS In the Soop?

BTS In The Soop comes back for Season 2 this October (Image via Twitter/weverseofficial)
BTS In The Soop comes back for Season 2 this October (Image via Twitter/weverseofficial)

It's time for ARMY to rejoice, because BTS is back with more content than ever. Throughout the pandemic, the K-pop band has been coming up with innovative ways to keep in touch with fans all over the world. Joining BTS' many web series is a delightful reality show, BTS In The Soop. The show follows members of BTS taking a break in a lake-side cabin and trying out various new things. BTS In The Soop is a great opportunity for fans to get close and personal with RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin, and Jimin.

What is BTS In The Soop?

Due to the lack of touring opportunities because of the pandemic, BTS came up with a unique way to stay in touch with their numerous fans. As a reality show, In The Soop features the members of BTS doing activities that are “somewhere in between everyday life and leisure". Season 1 was shot at a private lake house in Gangwon-do Chuncheon, called Lake 192.


The first season of the show had dropped on 19 August 2020, to wide acclaim from ARMY. Fans of the band have more reason to celebrate, as the show's official Twitter account posted this glorious announcement:

BTS In The Soop Season 2 release date

Officially, the reality show is expected to make a comeback in October, although the specific date hasn't been announced. Fans are speculating an early October release date Previously in 2020, HYBE made a similar announcement exactly three weeks before the Season 1 premiere.

In The Soop and BTS' official handles have been dropping hints about Season 2 since the end of August, forcing ARMY to don their sleuthing hats.

Where to watch In The Soop?

Season 1 of BTS In The Soop is available for streaming via purchase on the WeVerse Shop. It was also broadcast on the JTBC network. Season 2 will presumably follow a similar model. Viewers who bought Season 1 on WeVerse got special access to a BTS behind-the-scenes extra for each episode, which JTBC viewers did not.


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