Where to watch 'Insiders'? Release date, trailer and all about unique Spanish reality show 

'Insiders' is the first Netflix Spanish Original reality show (Image via najwanimri/ Instagram)
'Insiders' is the first Netflix Spanish Original reality show (Image via najwanimri/ Instagram)

Insiders, a new Netflix Spanish reality show, is set to premiere soon. Viewers will find it interesting because of its unique format and host.

Najwa Nimri, who plays Alicia Sierra in Money Heist, will be hosting Insiders. Despite her negative character on the hit Netflix show, the actress has a huge fan base, which will be one of the major factors in attracting viewers to the new Spanish reality series.

Ahead of its premiere, fans on social media started posting about Nimri hosting Insiders.

me waiting for Insiders just for @Najwa_Nimri and that's it!! 🙊…
Idk what Insiders is about but I’m ready. @Najwa_Nimri might be the single best actor/actress on Netflix
and even before the premiere, there are already fanarts inspired by you and #Insiders. we wish you every success in the world with this new project @Najwa_Nimri ✨- digital art : @sensenajwa_- graphite drawing : @ILookToWhit_
Najwa at insiders premiere? Hope so can’t wait

When will Insiders premiere?

Insiders is the first Netflix Spanish Original that is set to premiere Thursday, October 21. Viewers will get to know whether the streaming network will release all the episodes at once or weekly on the premiere day itself.

The show was first announced in February this year.

What happens in the trailer?


Insiders is an innovative reality show, in which a group of strangers participates thinking that the show is about casting. But the reality is that they are being recorded via hidden cameras and the last person standing will win prize money of €100,000.

The description of the trailer posted on YouTube by the network reads:

"The 12 contestants of INSIDERS believe that they are participating in the final phase of a casting to enter a reality show. But they are already inside without knowing it. The first Netflix reality show in Spain, with Najwa Nimri as the narrator, arrives on October 21."

The one-and-a-half-minute trailer showcased the contestants who are trying to co-exist and are unaware of Insiders’ format and cash prize.

In the clip, one of the contestants is seen saying:

“They have gone back to playing with our minds. We are here that we seem dull.”

All about ‘Insiders’

With 70 hidden cameras and 250 hidden microphones, Insiders has been created on a 1600 square-meter set. Promoted as a “never seen before” series, the new Netflix show promises to be filled with drama and full of entertainment.

The official synopsis of Insiders reads:

“Twelve people think they're in the final casting round for a reality show. In fact, they're already being secretly filmed, with 100,000 euros at stake.”

As per the show’s format, the creators have set a “room of truth” where the participants will be shown everything they did and said. This will be the moment when they will get to know that everyone was being secretly recorded.

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