Where to watch One Day season 1? Streaming options and plot explored

Where to watch One Day season 1? Streaming options and plot explored (Image via Netflix)
Where to watch One Day season 1? Streaming options and plot explored (Image via Netflix)

One Day Season 1 premiered on Netflix on February 8, 2024, leaving an indelible impact on fans and critics with its engaging screenplay. Based on David Nicolls’ 2009 romantic novel of the same name, the series centers on two college mates who part ways after spending graduation night together but remain friends despite their contrasting natures.

According to Netflix, its synopsis reads:

"After spending graduation night together, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways — but their lives remain intertwined. Based on David Nicholls' novel."

The show comes from screenwriter Nicole Taylor, best known for her work on the BBC series Three Girls and Gal Gadot’s spy action-thriller Heart of Stone. She also serves as an executive producer on the series with Roanna Benn, David Nicholls, and Jude Liknaitzky.

Where can I watch One Day Season 1?

All 14 episodes of One Day Season 1 were released on Netflix on Thursday, February 8, 2024.


A Netflix subscription costs between $6.99 and $22.99 a month, depending on the plan. The standard version with ads costs $6.99, while the one without ads costs $15.49. Similarly, users need to pay $22.9 for the premium version.

Being a Netflix original, the series is not available to buy or rent on services such as Amazon Prime Video and Vudu.

One Day season 1: Meet the cast

The series is headlined by Ambika Mod as Emma and Leo Wodall in the role of Dexter Mayhew. Ambika rose to fame with her portrayal of Shruti in This is Going to Hurt. She has also appeared on Mash Report, I Hate Suzie Too, and Trying.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Ambika said she initially felt she was not the right choice for One Day season 1 but changed her mind after a ‘lot of convincing.'

"It took a lot of convincing, well into the shoot, like self convincing that I was right for the part and I deserved to be there and a character like that would fall in love with a character like Emma as played by me," she said.

Meanwhile, Leo impressed fans with his work on Vampire Academy and Holby City. However, he is best known for his performance in White Lotus Season 2. Additionally, he made his film debut with the Russo Brothers’ 2021 crime drama Cherry.

They are joined by Jonny Weldon as Ian, Emma’s friend, and Essie Davis as Alison, Dexter’s mother. Jonny rose to prominence when he played Samwell in House of the Dragon, a prequel to Game of Thrones. His credits also include Breeders, The Outlaws, People We Hate at the Wedding, and Christmas on Mistletoe Farm.

Meanwhile, Essie is best known for her work as Lady Crane on Game of Thrones. She has also appeared in Lambs of God and Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities. Beyond her work on television, she is known for her performances in films such as The Babadook and Assassin's Creed

The cast also includes Tim McInnerny as Stephen, Amber Grappy as Tilly, and Joely Richardson as Helen Cope.’

Meanwhile, One Day season 1 has impressed critics with its intriguing storyline and gripping screenplay. The show has a rating of 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes based on 33 reviews.

The critics’ consensus is:

"Chronicling the passage of time with well-observed sweep, One Day is by turns giddy and somber but always swooningly romantic."

The series has a Metacritic score of 48 based on 41 reviews, indicating a mixed reception. The series also has a 7.8 rating on IMDb, based on 17,000 votes.

All 14 episodes of One Day season 1 are available to stream on Netflix

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