Who is Ally Love? Meet the host of Dance 100 on Netflix

Ally Love
Ally Love on Dance 100 ( Image via Instagram/ @allymisslove)

Dancers from across the world will compete in Netflix's upcoming show Dance 100. The show will premiere on the streaming platform on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 3 am ET/2 am ET.

Based on its description, Dance 100 is an international choreography competition that showcases the best street dances. It will feature a head-to-head competition between eight talented choreographers throughout its duration.

The first season of the show will be hosted by Ally Love, who is best known for her Peloton empire. The popular Peloton instructor is also the CEO/Founder of Love Squad, a clothing and events brand.

Love has a remarkable career and has hosted the Brooklyn Nets in-arena, modelled and served as an Adidas Global Ambassador.

Ally Love, the host of Dance 100, has her own business

Love was born in Miami, Florida, where she lived until she went to New York City to study at Fordham University. She received her Bachelor of Fine arts and had a minor in Theology.

As a former dancer for the New York Knicks, the host of Dance 100 has a wide range of dance experiences, including contemporary ballet. When she started exploring her talent, her career turned completely towards performance. In 2015, she created the Love Squad community.

She built the community to empower, motivate and educate women. The speaker and writer also created a video series called The Basics of Bossing Up. Through the series, she taught people how to "execute successfully" and create the lives they want for themselves.

Her hard work eventually got her signed up with one of the top agencies in the industry, CAA. With many shows under her belt, including ESPYS and The Warm Up on US Open morning, Ally Love is now a household name in the broadcasting industry.

As a businesswoman, host, motivational speaker, ambassador, and fitness instructor, she has served as a role model for a much younger generation.

In an interview with E News, Ally spoke about Dance 100. She said that since she is also from a "dance background," she was excited to host a series that "focuses on the artistry and skill of the best dancers and choreographers in the world."

She added that the experience of watching the dancers grow and surprise themselves each week was "unparalleled." Ally also said that she is excited for the audience to see the contestants' talent.

The Dance 100 winner will get a cash prize of $100,000

Initially, the show will feature eight dancers fighting to become the next superstar. All eight dancers will compete against each other in a high-stakes dance competition. A $100,000 prize will be awarded to the winner.

As part of the show, they will be challenged to create mind-blowing routines. To accomplish this, they will use a group of dancers named Dance 100 who will also be the judges of the competition. There will be an increase in the number of dancers with each episode.

In Netflix's official press release, the show is described as follows:

“Each week, the choreographers are tasked with creating and designing mind-blowing dance routines, pulling from a pool of elite dancers known as the Dance 100. The number of dancers will steadily increase every round until the final surviving choreographers will have to craft a massive dance number featuring all 100 dancers.”

It continues:

"After each performance, the dancers cast their votes to decide who stays in the competition another week and who goes home.”

Keenan Cooks, Rudy Garcia, Brandi Chun, Rex Kline, Akira Armstrong, Celine Edmondson, Max Pham, and Janick Arseneau will feature as choreographers.

The show is set to premiere on Netflix on March 17, 2023, at 3 am ET/2 am ET.

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