Who did Amber Heard play in 'Magic Mike XXL?' Character explored as actress claims Johnny Depp wanted her to quit acting and control her movie roles

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in court (Image via Pool/AFP/Getty Images)
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in court (Image via Pool/AFP/Getty Images)
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In her recent testimony, Amber Heard spoke about her ex-husband Johnny Depp's demands for her to quit acting while they were married. The Aquaman star also claimed that Depp was angry about her taking a role in The Adderall Diaries with James Franco.

On Thursday, May 5, Amber Heard described Depp's reaction as a "nightmare." She also alleged that the actor hated her co-star James Franco. At the time, Depp had accused Heard of having an affair with Franco. The 58-year-old actor has previously admitted to being occasionally jealous of Heard's association with Franco, whom she met during the filming of 2008's Pineapple Express.

@LawCrimeNetwork This comes after testimony from Heard, saying she negotiated with Depp to appear in Magic Mike 2. She also testifies she wore "minimal makeup" in that role.#JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard @LawCrimeNetwork

The 36-year-old actress claimed that Johnny Depp had constantly criticized her roles in films and had also offered to take care of her financially. She added that the actor called her "foolish and naive" for her career choices.

What did Amber Heard allege about Johnny Depp's obsession with her roles like that in Magic Mike XXL?


In her testimony, Amber Heard said:

"It was hard for me to work, justify working. Every audition, every meeting, and every script I got was a negotiation or a fight. I had to justify it as if I was to say, 'Hey, let's have an open relationship.' I thought that would be minimized if I could make him feel more secure."

The actress insinuated that Johnny Depp would also have issues with her agreeing to act in movies with intimate scenes. Heard claimed that she has had to turn down roles with intimate scenes or nudity and had to opt for less revealing outfits for films. Furthermore, the actress also claimed that she had to put on "minimal makeup" for the movies. Later, she explained the situation as a "constant battle and negotiation."

Meanwhile, Depp's voice records were admitted in court on April 23. The actor reportedly told Heard:

"I become irrational when you're doing movies. I become jealous and f***ing weird, and we fight a lot more."

Amber Heard's role in Magic Mike XXL


In her testimony, Heard referenced the negotiation of this role with Depp and disclosed that the actor had visited her on the set of the film. The Texas native recalled:

"Johnny was angry at me for working. I had finished my job and eventually needed to find another movie to work on. He was furious at me."

In the 2015 film, Amber Heard played Zoe, the love interest of the film's titular character, played by Channing Tatum. The Magic Mike XXL movie also showcased a risque scene involving a lap dance. As per Heard's allegations, she had to await Johnny Depp's approval before taking up any film roles during their relationship.

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