Who is Anthony Icracane? Meet the Chef from Below Deck season 11

Anthony Iracane will be a part of Below Deck season 11. (Image via Instagram/@anthony_iracane_)
Anthony Iracane will be a part of Below Deck season 11. (Image via Instagram/@anthony_iracane_)

Bravo's Below Deck season 11's release date was recently announced along with a brief introduction of each cast member. A short trailer also surfaced online, shedding light on the journey fans can expect to go on with Captain Kerry Titheradge in the upcoming installment.

A number of familiar and new faces will take on their duties onboard in season 11, which will be set in Granada, Spain. One of the new cast members on the show is French chef Anthony Iracane, who has a lot of experience working on luxury superyachts.

Anthony Iracane from Below Deck season 11 is the founder of Snackybae

While Iracane may not have experience in reality shows, he does have years of experience as a chef. A versatile personal chef, Iracane is the founder of Snackybae, a French street food chain that has outlets in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm, Florida.

Iracane has been working as a yacht chef for many years and specializes in private parties and food tasting. He has a lot of varied experience in the culinary industry and fans can't wait to see what he brings to the table in Below Deck season 11.

Having a penchant for experimentation, while Iracane takes pride in his ability to cook French food, he is equally skilled at cooking a variety of other cuisines. Iracane has previously worked on the I Love This Boat Christensen luxury yacht, where he offered customers gourmet dining experiences.

He described what cooking meant to him on his website as he said:

"It is more than simply cooking I like to offer a unique experience to my guests and clients. I like to create emotions and memories, through my cuisine."

Speaking about his "cooking secret," he stated:

"My secret in the kitchen is to cook with my heart and my passion. And offered a unique experience and a travel between flavors and taste."

Anthony is a family man and also enjoys partying and traveling. He mentioned in his Below Deck introduction clip that his favorite destination is the Bahamas. He also stated that loves experiencing new cuisines and cultures as it helps him further refine his cooking techniques and recipes.

On his website, he also stated that he was his own role model in the kitchen as he said:

"My Role model in the kitchen is myself because every day I try to be better than I was yesterday. To offering the excellence and the best to my guest."

Anthony also revealed that while he will miss his entire family, he will miss his pet cat Mister Roons the most.

Iracane's overall personality and candor make him a perfect candidate for Below Deck season 11. He stated that his philosophy in life is "never giving up," as he expressed his excitement about being part of the Bravo series.

With the much-awaited season set to take place in Granada, viewers can expect to go on a magical journey with Iracane and the crew during the course of Below Deck season 11.

Season 11 of the hit Bravo series will premiere on February 5, at 9 pm ET, with new episodes being released on a weekly basis.

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