Who is Ashley aka Trauman13? All about Taylor Swift's doppelganger, who has taken social media by storm

Taylor Swift doppelganger takes the internet by storm
Taylor Swift doppelganger takes the internet by storm

Taylor Swift's doppelganger, Ashley, who goes by Trauman13 on TikTok, has taken the internet by storm for her uncanny resemblance to the award-winning singer-songwriter.

Taylor’s Swift’s lookalike has garnered a lot of social media attention after a recent TikTok video of the influencer doing laundry in her bathtub went viral. In the video, Ashley can be seen jamming along “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cats while following an old-school method of doing laundry with the help of her DIY washing machine.

The video caused a lot of confusion among Taylor Swift’s fanbase on TikTok. It also left many Swifties convinced that the singer used her bathtub as a washing machine and followed an unusual laundry routine.

One TikTok user commented:

"For a second I couldn't believe Taylor swift was washing clothes by hand."

While another user wrote:

“No this is Taylor you can’t convince me otherwise.”

Some fans even admitted to watching the video several times to tell Ashley apart from the “Love Story" singer:

“I watched so many times because this is obviously Taylor Swift right”

However, Ashley made sure to respond to the comments and clarify that she is not the Grammy award winner. She also posted a follow-up video titled “When millions of people think Taylor Swift does her laundry in her bathtub” to clarify the mass confusion further.

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Meet TikToker Ashley, aka Taylor Swift’s lookalike

Ashley, aka Trauman13, is a TikToker and social media influencer known for Taylor Swift’s lookalike. She hails from Nashville, Tennessee, which is also the pop singer’s hometown.

The mother of two is a nurse by profession. With her blonde hair, loose curls, long lashes, and petite frame, Ashely looks a lot like Taylor Swift’s twin sister.

The TikToker reportedly faces difficulty to be out in public for constantly getting mistaken for the “Willow” singer. She reportedly even admitted to being approached by Swifties for photos and autographs for her similar appearance to the musician.

In one of her Instagram videos, the content creator shared that her own daughter mistook her for Taylor Swift.

“My daughter is my world - she was watching Netflix and came across Miss Americana and she yelled “Daddy is that mommy on the TV?!”

Ashley has managed to gain nearly 120K followers on her TikTok account and amassed around 2.5 million likes. She also has an active Instagram account with “Taylor Swift lookalike" mentioned in her bio.

She also describes herself as a “Professional Celebrity Lookalike.” Ashley also owns her own website to promote herself as a lookalike cameo artist. She has recently launched her own merchandise under “Swiftlife,” a hashtag commonly seen on her social media posts.

Last week, the TikToker completed one year on the social media platform and took to Instagram to thank her fans and followers for their support.

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