"Respect Taylor Swift" trends online as Netflix series under fire for misogynistic jokes

Image via Ginny & Georgia, Taylor Swift, & Degrassi: Next Class
Image via Ginny & Georgia, Taylor Swift, & Degrassi: Next Class

Taylor Swift’s fans are upset that she was made fun of in two Netflix shows.

Fans claim that Taylor's dating and songwriting choices should not be attacked personally. They have taken to Twitter to show their rage at Netflix. So far, their tweeting has made the “Respect Taylor Swift” trend.

“What do you care about? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” One of the characters said it in one of the episodes of Ginny & Georgia. She was referring to Swift supposedly dating men for short periods of time. This angered fans because they felt the joke was in bad taste.

Another offbeat joke about Swift appeared a while ago on Degrassi: Next Class when one of the characters said, “Taylor Swift made an entire career off of her exes.” This also got fans mad.

One user put it this way “It’s 2021, she’s a 31-year-old adult in a long-term relationship, and people STILL make that same tired joke?” The user was referring to the fact that today Swift has been with her boyfriend of three years and is nowhere near the way she is described in Ginny & Georgia.

Swift wrote a song about this very subject. “Shake It Off” references the accusations that she dates a lot and parties too much. In the song, she says that she shakes off the haters. To quote the lyrics:

“I stay out too late/Got nothing in my brain/That's what people say, mm, mm/That's what people say, mm, mm/I go on too many dates/But I can't make 'em stay/At least that's what people say, mm, mm/That's what people say, mm, mm/But I keep cruising/Can't stop, won't stop moving/It's like I got this music in my mind/Saying it's gonna be alright”


There have also been references to other shows using Swift in a non-offensive way. Netflix has yet to respond to these accusations or take action.

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Other fans feel like Taylor Swift was not personally attacked and that this was just a one-off joke.

Other vocal Twitter users are claiming that this is just a joke. They say that Netflix is not intentionally attacking anyone. As one user put it,

“She’s not a slut, and this joke isn’t slut-shaming, but that’s what she’s known for, dating men and making songs about it.”

This user is referring to how Swift was viewed in her early 20s.

Users were adamant that this was a throwaway line and did not directly attack anyone. Still, many are offended and feel that Taylor may have taken this line personally.

Some feel that it seems fair if Swift states whether or not it was in poor taste. It must be remembered that harassment is not based on intention but on how it made the other person feel. Swift has yet to comment on any of this.

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