Who designed Camila Cabello's Cinderella gowns?

Cinderella movie poster (Image via Mica)
Cinderella movie poster (Image via Mica)

The 2021 adaptation of Cinderella will premiere on Amazon Prime this Friday with a twist on the classic tale that many generations love. The Amazon Prime adaptation is a musical about self-discovery as Camila Cabello stars as Ella, an entrepreneur looking for success in the fashion industry.

While she has a love interest in the adaption, as in the original 1950 classic, Camila told Vogue UK that her character, "wants to save herself, not have a prince or anybody else save her.”

A modern take on the Cinderella tale


Something that was very important to Camila Cabello was modernizing the approach Amazon took to making Cinderella. This was the same approach that the costume designer, Ellen Mirjonick took when creating the costumes for the adaptation.

In the same Vogue UK interview, Camila stated that she “wanted to put a twist on it and embrace a new point of view, [one] that promotes female empowerment and individuality.” Her work has previously modernized such views in movies like The Greatest Showman and Bridgerton.

Ellen said that while fashion was a focus of the movie, the storyline progressed alongside it.

Ellen also pointed out that the beginning of Ella’s story has her wearing dull and neutral colors as she makes her way through her entrepreneurial journey. When they reach the scene of the ball, Camilla is adorned in a glitter ball gown and has fellow castmates appear in dresses that embody their heritage. This was another touch that, when the plot called for the women to be dressed to compete for the approval of the prince, took a modern approach in terms of fashion.

While Cinderella is at the end of the day a love story, Camilla told Vogue UK that she was proud of the impact she had on the Amazon adaptation.

“I think women seeing other women be strong, ambitious, and supporting each other is so important,” she said. “Helping each other realize our power and celebrating each other taking control of our lives is so important for young people to be watching, and for that to be the world they grow up in.”

Readers can watch Cinderella exclusively on Amazon Prime on 3 September 2021.

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