Who is Dylan Zangwill? All about the 14-year-old who received a standing ovation on AGT with his performance of Queen's "Somebody to Love"

Dylan Zangwill is the latest contestant to earn a standing ovation from the AGT judges (Image via Dylan Zangwill/Instagram)
Dylan Zangwill is the latest contestant to earn a standing ovation from the AGT judges (Image via Dylan Zangwill/Instagram)
Barsha Roy

Dylan Zangwill is the latest contestant to win over the judges in the ongoing AGT auditions. The 14-year-old earned a standing ovation after delivering an impressive rendition of Queen's "Somebody to Love."

Dylan Zangwill is one of the youngest contestants in the latest season of "America's Got Talent." However, he has already impressed the judges with his strong vocals and instrumental skills.

During the introduction session, the young musician told the judges he had been singing and playing the piano throughout his life:

"I have been doing this all my life."

Dylan further mentioned that although people are aware of his talent, he mostly prefers to keep to himself:

"People know I am a singer and a musician, but I am never really openly talking about it. I like hearing what other people are doing, and I am not a big fan of talking about myself."

Dylan Zangwill was greeted with a loud cheer from the audience right after he hit the first chord on his piano and sang the song's first line. His powerful cover of Queen's classic number coupled with his piano skills immediately took the judges by surprise.

They stood up to applaud the singer for his performance and gave him the nod to move forward in the competition.

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Who is Dylan Zangwill?

The teenager is a singer and instrumentalist. Born to Deidre and Jonathan Zangwill, the musician is based in Exton, Pennsylvania. His incredible cover of Queen's "Somebody to Love" at the AGT auditions has put Zangwill under the spotlight.

Dylan Zangwill began singing as a toddler and started playing the piano at the tender age of four. He was exposed to music from The Beatles at a very young age and soon started to play some of their iconic numbers.

Dylan is also a trained guitarist and learned to play "all major and minor chords" on the instrument within a few months of learning. He was also quick to show his vocal prowess and inclination towards rock n' roll music and discovered his comfortable vocal range at 11.

Last year, Zangwill bought a "Hammond-B3" and learned to master the instrument from his uncle, a Hammond player. Soon after, he began studying jazz and blues techniques and worked towards perfecting his vocals even further.

The teen is a regular performer at local gigs and small concerts. He also often performs at Stolen Sun Brewing and Roasting, a coffee brewery owned by his parents.

Dylan Zangwill considers The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Greta Van Fleet as his musical inspirations.

He has also been involved in theatrical performances, being part of local productions like "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Charlie Brown," and "You're A Good Man."

Dylan Zangwill is yet to release any original music, but he has already started writing his compositions with "complex and intricate chord structures" and "poetic lyrics." He is reportedly in the process of preparing for his first EP.

Although America's Got Talent Season 16 has many talented singers and musicians, Dylan Zangwill certainly shows immense potential to stand out from the rest in the coming days.

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