Who is Flame Monroe? Transgender comedian hangs out with Dave Chappelle following 'The Closer' backlash

Dave Chappelle with Flame Monroe (Image via monroeflame/Instagram)
Dave Chappelle with Flame Monroe (Image via monroeflame/Instagram)
Abhirup Sengupta

On Thursday, August 11, transgender comedian Flame Monroe reportedly met with Dave Chappelle at the latter’s show in Wirrig Pavilion, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Monroe’s representative reportedly confirmed the aforementioned news to TMZ.

The Emmy-nominated comedian further took to her Instagram to share pictures of her interaction with Chappelle. Monroe appears to be one of the few from the trans community who are not offended by the comedian and actor's take on trans jokes. In the caption, Monroe stated:

“At the end of the day, it’s all comedy.”

The caption seemed to be a reference to the massive flak Chapelle had received following his transgender jokes in his 2021 stand-up comedy special, The Closer.

Flame Monroe is a host and comedian

In her recent Instagram posts, Flame Monroe clearly advocated her support towards Chappelle, who has previously been labeled as transphobic by many.

Monroe shared multiple positive comments about their recent interaction on her Instagram story and uploaded several other pictures from the “Yellow Springs: Night 1.” One of the photos from the event showcased the Chicago native hugging Dave Chappelle onstage.

Meanwhile, another photo featured a backstage moment where she seems to be in a conversation with Chappelle.

Flame Monroe is best known for her work in comedy specials of other comedians like Tiffany Haddish and Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam. Monroe started off as a female impersonator in Chicago clubs and then decided to delve into stand-up comedy and drag.

The Chicago native has been associated with comedy projects like BET's Comicview as a writer and performer. Meanwhile, Monroe has made multiple appearances in comedy series like 2019’s Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, National Comedy Center Lucille Ball Virtual Festival 2020, and Phat Tuesdays in 2022, among others.


On social media, Monroe describes herself as “an explosive and inspiring host, emcee, comedian, and actor hailing from Chicago!” The comedian is also a parent to three children, which according to her IMDb profile’s bio, she describes as “ AM Dad/PM Drag!”

Flame Monroe’s support for Dave Chappelle’s trans jokes

Last year, Monroe spoke to TMZ and defended Dave Chappelle’s right as a comedian.

“As a comedian, I believe that I don't want to be censored," she said. "The world has become too censored…All of this, what you can say and cannot say is ridiculous. Comedians are put on earth, and the safest place for us on the planet is us on the stage with a willing audience that's willing to listen. We say things that other people are afraid to say, and we say them hopefully in a funny way, so you use your own mind to do your own critical thinking and think for yourself."

The black trans comedian further expressed that she was against the removal of Chappelle’s stand-up special, The Closer from Netflix. As per her beliefs at the time, stand-up comedy should not be censored and not much is ‘off-limits' for comedic purposes.

Monroe further insinuated that Chappelle did not deserve the harsh backlash he had received over his trans and LGBTQ+ jokes.

Currently, Flame appears to be performing at Dave Chappelle’s Wirrig Pavilion show, which she has labeled as “SHEER PLEASURE.” It remains to be seen whether the two comedians will properly join forces for a comedy collaboration tour or future comedy specials.

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