Who was Gret Glyer? DonorSee non-profit founder shot to death inside home

Gret Glyer, founder and CEO of DonorSee found dead in his residence (Image via Facebook/GretGlyer)
Gret Glyer, founder and CEO of DonorSee found dead in his residence (Image via Facebook/GretGlyer)

The founder and CEO of DonorSee, Gret Glyer, was shot to death late last week in Fairfax, Virginia, and the convict remains at large, according to police reports. DonorSee is a non-profit crowdfunding platform with a mission of aiding individuals in need.

Around 3 am on Friday, police were called to 32-year-old Gret Glyer's residence. He was reportedly discovered dead from a gunshot wound inside his Bolton Village Court home.

According to police radio recordings obtained by WTTG, a dispatcher informed responding officers that Gret's wife Heather Glyer had made the 911 call. She said,

"She heard a loud noise and believes her husband has been shot...she believes someone came into the house."

Gret Glyer's death was classified as a homicide

According to the station, a neighbor called the police to report that he had heard three loud gunshots. The Glyer home's rear door was discovered to be slightly ajar.

Gret Glyer's death has been ruled a homicide by authorities, the first in the city in 14 years. Police have not yet uncovered any suspects or others who may be relevant to the investigation.


Heather Glyer told WTTG that DonorSee was the "heart and vision" of her husband. Reportedly, the couple moved into the neighborhood in the last six months.

Gret's platform is now being utilized to raise money for Glyer's wife and two daughters, Gryphon and Gailiee, aged 6 and 22 months, who were unharmed in the tragic event.

A statement from DonorSee read,

"Gret Glyer lived his life in the pursuit of helping others. He has left a legacy that will live on thorough DonorSee, of changing the world for the better and helping those who need it most. He is shining light that inspired those he met, and many more he did not meet."

The statement continued,

"He was a courageous and kind leader, who treated everyone like family, and he always had a positive attitude that encouraged you to push a little harder, do a little more, and smile a little bigger. The loss of Gret only pushes us to honor his dream in ending global poverty even more and do as he did. He made the world a better place. "

Despite Fairfax police claiming there is no longer a "threat to the neighborhood," Gerald Searles, 54, who lives next door, claimed he and others are on edge as a result of the shooting.

About Gret Glyer, creator of non-profit website DonorSee


In September 2016, Gret Glyer established DonorSee in Fairfax Station, Virginia, promoting it as an internet fundraising platform that aims to eradicate poverty, famine, and homelessness, particularly in African nations.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he had previously worked as a mathematics teacher in Malawi, East Africa. In 2013, he created an organization called Housing for Orphans and Widows in Malawi (HOWMS), which raised money and constructed more than 150 homes in rural Malawian villages.

According to the website's statistics, $4.9 million has been contributed to fund 11,745 initiatives, and 28,981 videos have been sent to donors.

Glyer wrote in one of his posts on social media,

"I dream of a world where our poorest members no longer live on the knife's edge of survival. But your partnership is vital to making that world happen."

Gret Glyer married his wife Heather Gyler in 2018. They are beneficiaries of the fundraiser, including one that Glyer organized after he publicly stated that he refused to take a salary for the first four years of operating DonorSee.

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