Who was Hana Horka? Anti-vax Czech singer dies after deliberately catching COVID-19

Hana Horka recently died because of COVID-19 (Image via jkr_on_the_web/Twitter)
Hana Horka recently died because of COVID-19 (Image via jkr_on_the_web/Twitter)
Anupal Sraban Neog

Anti-vax Czech folk singer Hana Horka has passed away after reportedly contracting COVID-19 to visit the sauna and theater.

Czech Radio reported that Hana voluntarily exposed herself to the virus instead of getting the vaccine, while her vaccinated husband and son caught it before Christmas. Her son Jan Rek told Czech Radio:

“She went for it. She was supposed to stay away from us, but she decided to remain at home with us normally, preferring to go through the disease than to get vaccinated. It is sad my mom trusted strangers more than her own family.”
🇨🇿 57 y.o. Hana Horka, Czech Republic folk singer died from COVID on Jan 16, 2022. She refused vaccination and intentionally contracted COVID from her vaccinated son and husband with COVID. "It is sad that my mom trusted strangers more than her own family.” #SoulsLostToCovid

In the states of the European Union, proof of vaccination or recent infection is needed to acquire a health pass that allows individuals to get access to public facilities and travel.

Rek mentioned that he and his father were sick for three days and his mother was sick for five days before her death. Hana also posted on social media two days before her death, saying she survived her virus.

"Hana Horká died only two days after informing her fans on Facebook that she was recovering from the disease. According to her son Jan Rek, a guitarist in the band Jelen, his mother had refused to be vaccinated and wanted to gain immunity by contracting the disease."

Rek confirmed that his mother died in bed by suffocation because of COVID-19. He also said that the information received by his mother was not misinformation but intentionally modified it.

About Hana Horka in brief

For now, the only information available about Hana Horka is that she was the vocalist for the band Asonance. Details relating to her date of birth, family and educational background are yet to be revealed.

Hana died from COVID-19 after she exposed herself to the virus. She went for a walk outside but complained about back pain after she returned and soon died choking on her bed.

The journey of Asonance

Hana Horka was a member of the band Asonance (Image via MarkBell5/Twitter)
Hana Horka was a member of the band Asonance (Image via MarkBell5/Twitter)

The Czech folk band was established back in 1976 and they mostly played Scottish and Irish folk songs.

Jan and Pavel Lašťovička, Milan Štěrba, and František Korecký were the early members of the group. Eva Fibingerová-Schneiderová and Denisa Vondráčková then joined the band in 1977 but the former left a year later and was replaced by Blanka Štejfová.

Petr Vacek joined the band in 1980 and left in 1984. Although he was replaced by Roman Slaboch, he rejoined in 1990.


The musicians who were still a member of the group included Renata Bělorová, Yveta Kasalická, Veronika Glyknerová, Alena Chvátalová, and Vendula Hugová alongside her husband, Jan Hugo. Jan Ráb joined as a violinist in 1982.

Jiří Nohel later joined the group as a violinist and two new members, Marta Fiklíková and Hana Horka, joined in 1985. At the time, the band included bass, bass guitar, and keyboards.


Luboš Pick joined in the mid-1980s and Mirko Rokyta came on board as a keyboardist in 1989. The band’s lead singer was later replaced by Petr Bohuslav and drummer Aleš Zimolka, who played with the group until his demise in 2012.

Whistle player and vocalist Klára Lašťovičková and whistle players Anna Rábová and Anežka Kufová then joined as new members.

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