Who is Heather Chase on 'Below Deck'? Chief Stewardess once had a thrilling shark encounter

Below Deck's Chief Stewardess, Heather Chase (Image via Sportskeeda)
Below Deck's Chief Stewardess, Heather Chase (Image via Sportskeeda)

Seaon 9 of Below Deck will be premiering on Monday, October 25 on Bravo. The arrival of the new Chief Stewardess, Heather Chase, has fans extremely excited. The crew members already seem to have known Heather from before, and this leaves the audience curious.

Since the show's release in 2013, Below Deck has been a huge success and Bravo's best rated show. After the dramatic end to season eight, fans are ready for all the drama that's about to unfold.

Heather Chase is the latest addition to the crew this upcoming season.

Who is Heather Chase on Below Deck?

As the new Chief Stewardess, fans can expect her to lead the stewards and have top-notch service.

For loyal fans who've tuned in since the beginning, Heather is a new face. But the show reveals that Chase is well known amongst the crew from the spin-off series, Below Deck Mediterranean.

Alex Radcliffe from season five congratulated Heather on her new role. He uploaded a snap, captioned:

“So pumped the secret is out that one of my best friends in the yachting world is the chief stew of the new season of Below Deck. I can honestly say she’s one of the most genuine/ kind-hearted human I know."

Heather wrote back saying, “Cats out of the bag. You’re the best."

Below Deck crew member, Anastasia Surmava expressed her happiness on Heather's arrival too. She posted a collage of Heather between Captain Lee Rosbach, and Chef Rachel Hargrove on Instagram. She wrote:

“My girl is the new chief stew y'all. Love you. So damn proud of you! Just look at her! Can't wait to watch you crush it this season baby!”

Chase replied to all the love by saying: "The support is unreal."

Heather will be replacing 'Stud of the Sea' Captain Lee Rosbach, who mysteriously exited the series. Captain Lee will make an appearance later on in the season.

All about the Chief Stewardess’ nautical adventures

The Chief Stewardess, Heather Chase, has had a lot of nautical experiences. Growing up in Hawaii, she's always been close to nature.

"Nurse sharks are like the puppies of the Bahamas. They are so calm and keep to themselves for the most part."

Heather recalls an incident when a bull shark rolled up as soon as she jumped off her surfboard. Chase's captain said to her, “Yeah. I’d get back on your board and get out if I were you.”

She didn't think much of it until she saw the massive creature come up to her. Heather escaped the situation at lightning speed!

About Below Deck Season 9

Here's a sneak peek of Below Deck, Season 9:

Jessica Albert, Fraser Olender, Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsay, and Wes O'Dell will be joining Heather for their first experience this season as well.

Tune into Bravo on October 25 to witness the premiere of the entertaining series.

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