Who is Iain Stirling? Love Island voiceover artist gives a tour of his “recording studio”

Love Island
Love Island season 10 is premiering on June 10 (Image via T.S)

BAFTA-winning comedian Iain Stirling, also known as the voiceover artist of Love Island, is behind the witty commentary and the iconic line "Tonight, on Love Island." Iain Stirling recently showed Love Island fans where he does his recordings for the show, and it's not in the villa's humble "tin hut."

Iain Stirling, catching on to the Instagram trend of sharing "Day in My Life," showed his 810k followers how he goes about his day, including how he records for the show, Love Island. Fans expected it to be in a state-of-the-art recording studio, but it turned out to be a spare room in his house.

Iain Stirling does his Love Island recordings at his home studio

The 35-year-old Scottish voiceover artist shared the reel on June 7, 2023, on his Instagram page, captioned:

"Uploading this again because the first time it got cut short. That's not good enough because I can't emphasise enough, how long this thing took me. A day in the life of the #loveisland voice over guy."

Iain Stirling showed how his morning starts by going to the gym, eating lunch with his wife, Laura Whitmore, and then recording the voiceover in his home studio, where he showed how he turns it into his "recording studio." As expected from the comedian, the reel was filled with witty commentaries. He says:

"And then here is the piece the resistance. With one click of the button, my desk I write the show on slowly becomes OMG a voice-over recording studio and I say the one thing you're all wanting me to say - Tonight on Love Island."

Love Island fans were shocked by the reel as they went on to comment:

“Ur telling me you DONT record these in a tin hut out the back of the villa?????”

The CelebAbility host explained that he did work in the villa "until lockdown times." The change in place is due to the COVID lockdown restrictions but also because of his newborn baby, Stevie Re. Iain Stirling and former Love Island host Laura Whitmore welcomed their daughter in March 2021.

Iain Stirling is not only a voice-over artist but also a comedian, writer, and TV host

He studied law at the University of Edinburgh, and it was during his final year at university in 2009 that he discovered his passion for stand-up comedy. Iain Stirling reached the final of the Chortle Student Comedian of the Year contest at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he came second to Joe Lycett.

Stirling's career as a TV presenter took off when he joined CBBC, presenting shows like All Over the Place and The Dog Ate My Homework. His work on the latter earned him a Children's BAFTA in 2017. But it was in 2015 that Stirling's voice became synonymous with Love Island, narrating the show and injecting his trademark humor into every episode.

When asked about Love Island's enduring popularity, Stirling shared his thoughts in an interview with The Scotsman, saying:

"I think it’s because we’ve all got a fascination with love and romance. All of TV has a love story at the heart of it somewhere. Love Island has eliminated all the other elements and just focused exclusively on the one that people find fascinating."

Apart from Love Island, Stirling has been involved in various other shows, including CelebAbility, Taskmaster, and the ITV sitcom Buffering, where he not only starred but also co-wrote the series.

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