Who is Chandler Bing from Friends?

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Chandler Bing, a character portrayed by Matthew Perry in the American hit sitcom Friends, is an extremely sarcastic and funny guy; it is said that his sarcasm was developed as a coping mechanism when he was nine years old and his parents got divorced on Thanksgiving, an event that traumatized him. Besides his humor, he also developed a dislike for holidays.

Ross, a former roommate of Chandler's, and Joey, a current roommate, are close friends. Ross's sister Monica introduced him to Rachel and Phoebe, and the six of them subsequently became best friends. Chandler manages his money well and recognizes the value of money early on, making him the friend with the highest income in the group. In one instance, Monica reveals that Chandler has a third nipple, which Chandler refers to as a nubbin. The secret amuses the friends, who make fun of Chandler for it. After Ginger, a potential lover, finds the nubbin repulsive, Chandler finally has it surgically removed.

At the conclusion of season seven, he marries Monica despite having trouble committing. Due to Monica's infertility, they adopted twins later on in the tenth season. So, all in all, their relationship has a happy ending.

Chandler’s Relationships Throughout the Seasons

The person who initially struggled the most with commitment was Chandler, though he had dated Janice and Kathy before. Janice is a recurring character and Kathy created issues between him and Joey.

The Season 4 finale was actually a fling for Monica and Chandler’s characters; he started dating Monica in Season 5. He proposed to her in Season 6. He married her in Season 7. He adopted twins Jack and Erica Bing in the Season 10 finale.

Everyone in "The One With the Lesbian Wedding" believes that Chandler will be the last of them to tie the knot. This turns out to be quite ironic because he and Monica are the first couple to get married for a committed period of time without divorcing, and none of the other couples get married for an extended period of time again until Phoebe weds Mike Hannigan in Season 10.


Chandler had a sporadic romance with Janice prior to his union with Monica (Maggie Wheeler). Despite the fact that he regrets dating her and repeatedly ends their relationship in season 1, she is a constant in his life. In season 2, he calls her out of concern for being alone, only to learn that she is married and expecting a child.

When her husband betrays her in the season 2 finale, they accidentally start chatting online and eventually meet. They quickly reconciled. Chandler is wholeheartedly smitten with her throughout the first few episodes of season 3, but when she smooches her husband while going through a divorce, the relationship ends. Chandler implores her to return to her husband because he doesn't want to ruin her family. But even after they both married other people, Janice made more appearances in the series.

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The fourth season of Friends features an appearance by Kathy (Paget Brewster). She was expecting a date with Joey when Chandler saw her in Central Perk and asked the gang if he should ask her out. Even though Kathy was dating Joey at the time, they later fell in love. Joey and Chandler get into a lot of conflict over this, but it is eventually resolved, and Chandler and Kathy start dating.

She is an actress, and when she has a sex act with one of her co-stars, Chandler becomes incredibly paranoid, which leads to a heated argument. Chandler's paranoia leads Kathy to have an affair with the co-star, and the couple breaks up.

Monica Geller

Out of all the friends, Chandler has the fewest relationships and is the most apprehensive about commitment. Despite everything, he and Monica are the first couple to have a committed union without divorcing. Monica and Chandler decide to start dating after sleeping together at Ross' wedding in London. Since they are unsure of how the others will react, they attempt to keep their relationship a secret. But even so, they all eventually learn the truth and approve.

When Monica confesses that she was initially seeking Joey for a one-night stand, things get a little tense, but they make up. The season 7 finale features their marriage ceremony. Due to their inability to become pregnant, Monica and Chandler adopt twins in the series' climactic episode.

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Chandler and Monica adopted a kid

From the beginning of the series, Monica was the one constantly obsessed with marrying and having kids. In fact, her relationship with Richard (Tom Selleck), who was 21 years older than her, was broken, because Monica wanted to start a family and Richard didn’t. She was terribly shattered after their breakup. However, Richard returns, coincidentally at the time when Chandler was about to propose to her. Richard was ready to start a family this time, but Monica had feelings for Chandler, and to Chandler’s surprise, Monica proposed to him and didn’t agree with Richard.

They eventually get married and try to start a family, but they were not able to conceive because Monica’s uterus has an inhospitable environment and Chandler has sperm motility issues, or as Chandler jokingly explained: “My guys won't get off the barcalounger, and the ones that do, Monica's uterus wants to kill them."

In season 10, they finally decide to adopt, and Erica chooses the couple to be the parents of her baby. Erica delivered two babies rather than the anticipated one, and Jack and Erica make an appearance in the series finale. The doctor read the sonogram and said, "Both heartbeats sound healthy," but Erica misunderstood him to mean her heart and the baby's.

As a result, the twins' birth came as a surprise. Jack is named for his adoptive grandfather Jack Geller, and Erica is named for her biological mother. Before leaving with Chandler and Monica to move into their new house in Westchester, they are seen in apartment 20 with the rest of the group.

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Q. What is Chandler Bing all about?

A. The central themes of Chandler's story revolve around his humorous sarcasm and amusing interactions with his friends. After season four, his humor takes a backseat to his relationship with Monica, but emphasis will still remain on humor.

Q. Why can’t Monica and Chandler have kids?

A. Their fertility tests revealed that both of them were infertile because Monica's uterus is an unfavorable environment and Chandler's sperm have low motility.

Q. Who is Monica Geller?

A. Monica is a fictional character portrayed by Courteney Cox in the show Friends, who works as a head chef. She is a part of the lead six of the show and wife of Chandler Bing, another lead.