Who is Jackson Fox from Survivor 42? Healthcare worker went through gender affirmation surgery

Meet Jackson Fox from Survivor Season 42 (Image via chanandler_bong_73/Instagram)
Meet Jackson Fox from Survivor Season 42 (Image via chanandler_bong_73/Instagram)

Survivor Season 42 recently announced its 18 new contestants, including Jackson Fox. He is a 48-year-old healthcare worker from Houston, Texas, who is set to compete in the CBS show for a million dollars.

Going by his Instagram, Fox is a transgender man who went through gender affirmation surgery. He mentioned the dates of multiple surgeries in his Instagram bio and has posted several photos of the side effects he underwent after the operations.

In one of the posts, he revealed that he was a female for 38 years and even married his ninth-grade boyfriend before accepting his true self.

In another post, Fox answered whether he hated being a girl for so long, he wrote:

“I had someone ask me when I was speaking to their class about my transition, if I hated that I had to go thru 38 years as a girl…and the answer is pretty simple for me..I wouldn’t change a thing. As much as I knew I was not living my true self, I still experienced some wonderful memories growing up.”

Jackson Fox runs his own company

Fox is the owner of Fox Family Caregivers LLC, which he counts as one of his biggest accomplishments. As per his CBS bio, he is a dedicated and kind human being who has a big soft spot for abandoned or hurt animals.

The hospital transporter is covered in tattoos and is a fitness enthusiast, especially weightlifting. He considers his late mother the hero of his life, who guided him from heaven every step of the way.

In his bio, Fox mentioned why he should win Survivor 42. He wrote:

“I believe it will be mentally, physically, emotionally and socially the hardest thing I’ll ever tend to do. It will break me down and challenge every aspect of my being – but I know that I am a survivor in life, and this will just be another aspect I will crush.”

Survivor Season 42 cast members

The upcoming season of the CBS series will be hosted by TV personality Jeff Probst. The premiere of Survivor Season 42 will be held on March 9, Wednesday, at 8.00 pm ET on CBS and Paramount+.

In addition to Fox, the remaining cast members of the competition series include Marya Sherron, Maryanne Oketch, Swati Goel, Jonathan Young, Romeo Escobar, Lindsay Dolashewich, Drea Wheeler, Lydia Meredith, Omar Zaheer, Hai Giang, Mike Turner, Daniel Strunk, Tori Meehan, Rocksroy Bailey, Jenny Kim, Zach Wurtenberger and Chanelle Howell.

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