Who is Daniel Strunk from Survivor 42? Law clerk survived cancer as a teenager

Daniel Strunk is a contestant in Survivor Season 42 (Image via CBS)
Daniel Strunk is a contestant in Survivor Season 42 (Image via CBS)

Daniel Strunk is a 30-year-old law clerk who will participate in Survivor Season 42. The brand new season of the CBS show will welcome 18 contestants in total.

Strunk believes he has the drive to go through the challenges in the series because he has survived cancer. He had leukemia when he was a teenager. In his bio on the network’s website, he mentioned that he might not win the season, but would make the most of the opportunity he got.

He said:

“I truthfully think the odds are against me [of winning the show]. It is all going to be a matter of threat management. I’m going to leave it all on the table. I will play my heart out because it will probably be the one shot I get – I’ve been waiting years, and I want no regrets.”

Strunk continued:

“I can’t promise you I will win, but I can promise you I will have fun and make the most of this opportunity. Cancer survivors don’t go anything less than full throttle.”

Daniel Strunk went to Yale Law School

Strunk is based in New Haven, Connecticut, where he works as a law clerk for Keller Lenker LLC. The contestant was an Ivy League alum from Yale Law School and prior to that, he pursued Bachelors and Masters in Political Science from Duke University and Trinity College Dublin.

He is quite private about his personal life as Strunk has not shared a single post on social media. He mentioned:

“I wrote in my journal a personal philosophy on what I think the purpose of life is, influenced by my battle with cancer, my religion and my ideological beliefs.”

However, he shared a habit in the bio that he enjoys, which involves collecting signed pocket U.S. Constitutions. His bio reads

“Among others, I have one signed by Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, Justice Sotomayor, and the former U.S. ambassador to Estonia.”

What are Strunk’s favorite hobbies?

Strunk described himself as driven and ebullient in the CBS bio and also stated his favorite hobbies.

“Movie fanatic, LEGOs, keeping track of things, and SURVIVOR.”

He also likes television and political philosophy, but hates undisciplined and disruptive people in movie theaters and those who try to have a conversation with a person who’s wearing earphones.

While most contestants mentioned their relatives (mother and grandparents) as their heroes in their biographies, Strunk wrote George Washington. His Survivor idols include former castaways Todd Herzog and Yul Kwon.

Survivor 42 premiere date

In December 2021, Season 41 ended with Erika Casupanan as the winner. The upcoming season of Survivor will have 18 new castaways who will compete to win a million dollar grand prize.

The premiere of Season 42 is all set to air on Wednesday, March 9 at 8.00 pm ET on CBS and Paramount+.

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