Who is Jeanine Zheng? Survivor season 43 contestant has 2 reasons for participating in the CBS show

A still of Jeanine Zheng (Image Via j9zheng/Instagram)
A still of Jeanine Zheng (Image Via j9zheng/Instagram)

Survivor season 43, the much-awaited season of the beloved reality competition series, will finally make its debut with the series' first episode, on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, exclusively on the popular network CBS. Charlie Parsons has acted as the creator of the popular reality series.

Season 43 of the series will arrive with 18 new cast members, who are all set to be challenged to an extreme level over 26 exhilarating days collectively. Jeff Probst will also return as the show's host. The official synopsis for the premiere episode of Survivor season 43, given by CBS, says:

"Eighteen new castaways come together to form their own society and begin their adventure for $1 million."

Jeanine Zheng, a UX designer originally from San Francisco, California, will be seen as a contestant for Survivor season 43. Currently, Zheng is only 24 years of age, and she is determined to make a significant impact in the series' season 43 and gain success.

Since CBS dropped the entire contestant list for Survivor season 43, viewers have been eagerly waiting to learn about contestant Jeanine Zheng. So, without further delay, let's jump right in to find out all about contestant Jeanine Zheng, before the first episode of Survivor season 43 debuts on CBS.

Learn all about contestant Jeanine Zheng, ahead of the arrival of Survivor season 43 episode 1 exclusively on CBS

The 24-year-old contestant from San Francisco, California, Jeanine Zheng, is reportedly entering the highly challenging reality competition to fulfill her as well as her father's dream. Zheng has been excited about the unpredictability and looseness of the new age or era of the show.

Reportedly, Survivor season 43 will begin its gripping and adventurous journey with three tribe groups entailing Vesi, represented by the color red, Baka, represented by the color yellow, and Coco, represented by blue color. Contestant Jeanine Zheng will be a part of the Baka tribe.

While talking about the reasons for joining the cast members of Survivor season 43, 24-year-old contestant Jeanine Zheng exclaimed that she has two vital reasons for taking part in the series.

According to the reports by Parade, she said:

"I'm here for two reasons. So I'm here first and foremost to play for my dad. This is the culmination of his American dream. Survivor has been his favorite reality American TV show forever. And as a Chinese immigrant, he could have never imagined being on the show. But for me to now be on the show, as his daughter and first gen, is special."

Speaking at length about the topic, she further explained:

"[Second is] honestly for myself. I feel this whole life of mine has been high achieving, trying to fulfill this ideal of a perfect person that isn't necessarily me . . . Survivor was kind of the first moment that was like, "Oh, I'm chosen for just who I am and for the things that aren't so robotic and so high achieving." I'm just excited to be able to get out here and play and prove to my eight-year-old self that me as a person–as a socially intelligent and creative and witty person–is enough out here to win."

While talking about what made her participate in the competition, Zheng said:

"Honestly, I think that my entire life has prepared me for this game. I feel like I have a lot of outdoor experience from leading backpacking trips at Harvard. And I also feel like, on a day to day, I am genuinely interested in and love hearing people's stories. And so I think that that is something I just do every day. . . But I think a lot of culminations of small experiences have led up to this moment, and I feel really prepared to play this game."

Besides Jeanine Zheng, Survivor season 43 also stars Cody Assenmacher, Mike Gabler, Geo Bustamante, Owen Knight, Dwight Moore, Jesse Lopez, Morriah Young, Jeanine Zheng, James Jones, and others.

Don't forget to catch episode 1 of Survivor season 43, premiering this Wednesday, Seotembet 21, 2022, on CBS.

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