Who is John Phillip Fisher? Diploma certificate in Balenciaga campaign sparks further backlash online

New details uncovered in Balenciaga photoshoot (image via Twitter/@OliviaSebji)
New details uncovered in Balenciaga photoshoot (image via Twitter/@OliviaSebji)

Twitter users recently found a framed degree certificate of John Phillip Fisher - an 80-year-old man involved in a child s*xual abuse case - in the controversial Balenciaga campaign.

The Balenciaga x Adidas 2022 photoshoot featured model Khadim Sock standing in an office-like setting with a framed diploma certificate, among other props seen in the background.

The college diploma in question seems to be of John Philip Fisher, who was charged with seven counts of s*xual misconduct. He was convicted in 2018 for molesting his granddaughter.

@itsnatlydenise Ok and now who is this? John Phillip Fisher.

He was out on bail but was soon taken into custody after Judge Parrott revoked his bond. Since the image of the certificate is blurred, the rumors are yet to be confirmed.

Netizens left horrified and enraged after more details in the Balenciaga photoshoot are uncovered

Internet users were mortified upon realizing the new details about John Phillip Fisher. Balenciaga is under fire again, with many pointing out the props were placed "on purpose," and that the brand is trying to normalize "pedophilia." They even called out celebrities who seem to be silent on the matter.

Here's what Twitter users are saying:

If Balenciaga did something that offended the LGBT community, every celebrity would have cut ties instantly.They promoted child porn and nearly every celebrity is silent. Really makes you think, huh?
@hepbot @MsBlaireWhite This is SCARY how silent celebrities are in this. Wow
Wait, shouldn’t balenciaga have their bank accounts closed, get banned on social media, stores temporarily shut down, and all celebrities condemn them first?Or is that only for black artist and athletes?
@ymeskaoui Did you get the John Phillip Fisher ref in the frame? Disgusting. They can't blame the producers because they ref to babies and bondage bears were in the catwalk show for summer 23 too so they approved this for sure.
@nypost This isnt the only ad campaign they've had with these types of vile "Easter eggs". More have been uncovered since. One example being this ad with a book of Micheal Borremann's paintings, and another having a diploma of John Philip Fisher (accused of molesting his granddaughter).
We need to wake up! What #Balenciaga did was on purpose and not an error. The woke mob is executing an AGENDA that tries to normalise pedophelia! They’re inducing research papers to ban the word pedophile as we speak. They’re brainwashing your kids in real time #BalenciagaGate
@RealBrysonGray So an ad agency pitched the idea, executives approved it, the creative director modelled the scene, people dressed the girl and toy and a photographer took the photos, executives saw the finished piece and it was approved! WTF.
Balenciaga is a massive luxury brand promoted by the most famous celebrities in the world...ANY ad campaign they do is going to require the approval and collaboration of dozens of people from multiple teamsThis was not something that "slipped through the cracks" & we know it.
Anyone wearing Balenciaga from this point onwards is endorsing child pornography, and should be cancelled.
Balenciaga isn’t apologizing for what they did. Balenciaga is apologizing because they got caught. Don’t confuse the two.
This is the Chief Designer for Balenciaga, Lotta Volkova. Enough said. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Balenciaga's 2023 spring ad campaign showed children carrying stuffed bears in what seemed to be BDSM gear. Netizens found the theme “creepy” and “disturbing,” leading to a massive public backlash.

Many disconcerting details have been found in the recent Balenciaga ad campaign upon closer inspection. While the photos have now been removed from the luxury fashion brand's website, Twitter users have not stopped analyzing them online, pointing out subtle hints of "pedophilia" and "child exploitation."

Numerous strange props spotted around the photographs have led many to conclude these were done intentionally. Here are some of the disturbing prop choices:

  1. A photo of a female model with her feet propped up shows a white book by Belgian artist Michael Borremans, The Badger’s Song, in the background. The book features some eerie and haunting images like a child covered in blood, a n*ked boy with a severed arm, and a block-robed child holding a flaming severed leg to name a few.
  2. Under Michael Borreman's book, there is another one, The Cremaster Cycle by Matthew Barney. According to Natly Denise's Twitter post, the artist's work included "themes of pedophilia, blood ritual, dark religiosity, occultism, [and] racism."
  3. Another photograph of a young boy in a playroom with the infamous bondage bear bag also features a roll of caution tape with the brand's name spelled as "BAALenciaga." Baal is a Canaanite god to which children were sacrificed.
  4. One photo reportedly features court documents from a child s*xual abuse case.

Balenciaga is a popular brand among celebrities. After the public backlash, many started distancing themselves from the brand, including Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian. Both have worked with the brand numerous times in the past.


The luxury fashion giant took to Instagram on November 22, issuing two public apology statements. They commented:

"We take this matter very seriously and are taking legal action against the parties responsible for creating the set and including unapproved items for our Spring 23 campaign photoshoot. We strongly condemn abuse of children in any form. We stand for children safety and well-being."

Even after Balenciaga issued an apology and took down the campaign, they have been feeling the public's wrath.

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