Former idol Himchan admits to all charges of s*xual assault, after denying for years 

Himchan was sentenced to 10 months in jail (Image via Twitter)
Himchan was sentenced to 10 months in jail (Image via Twitter)

After denying them for four years, former B.A.P. member Himchan has admitted to charges of s*xual assault.

In July 2018, the idol was accused of molesting a woman in her 20s at a pension house in Namyangju. The victim reported that she was on a vacation with four people, including Himchan, when he molested her.

Initially, the idol had denied the allegations, calling it consensual. However, due to the credibility of the victim’s statement, the singer was sentenced to 10 months and was given a 40-hour treatment program in February 2021.

At a recent appeal trial, he finally admitted to the charges.

B.A.P's Himchan also submitted a letter of remorse

In an appeal trial held on April 12, at the Seoul Central District Court, Himchan changed his continuous denial of the charges and responded to the judge, saying,

"I acknowledge all charges."

He withdrew his previous statements denying the allegations and also handed a letter of self reflection to the judge, the content of which is unknown as of now. The court stated that Himchan's acceptance of the allegations will not allow him to escape court arrest since he was sentenced to prison in the original trial. The next hearing is scheduled for June 14.

Several fans, who have stood steadfastly by the idol all this while, expressed their remorse and disappointment on social media. Many wondered why the B.A.P. member had chosen to admit to the allegations now, after denying them for four years.

In the original trial, which took place in February 2021, the B.A.P member was sentenced to 10 months in prison, despite his denial of charges.

The court had said,

"According to the evidence, the victim's statement has sufficient credibility."

The idol reportedly made an attempt to commit self harm on June 13, 2021. Prior to his attempt, he posted an apology on social media, saying,

"First of all, I apologize for the delay in response. I'm writing a belated apology. I wanted to personally apologize to those who supported me for what I've done and waited for me to this day."

He concluded the post by saying,

"I apologise. And I am sorry again. I hope everyone stays safe and happy. Goodbye. Thank you."

Incidentally, the idol also made his solo debut in 2020, in the hopes of slipping under the radar of controversy. He released the single Reason Of My Life.

B.A.P was one of the biggest third-gen K-Pop groups of the 2010s, with a huge fan following. Himchan himself was one of its most popular members before getting accused of s*xual assault.

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