Who is Joose Jeskanen? Meet 8th member of 7 Little Johnstons

Joose Jeskanen will be a tourist appearing on the show (Image via jopejeska/Instagram)
Joose Jeskanen will be a tourist appearing on the show (Image via jopejeska/Instagram)

Joose Jeskanen, spotted on the Instagram of the main cast members of the 7 Little Johnstons family, was speculated to be the sixth child of the clan. TLC's upcoming show is returning with a new Season 11.

But is it returning with a recurring cast member as well? The show, premiering on March 15, was expected to portray Jeskanen as the newly adopted child. This got the viewers very excited.

However, it turns out that Joose Jeskanen has a different motive for being on the upcoming show. His Instagram story featured his airport picture as he was flying off from the USA.

Get to know Joose Jeskanen from '7 Little Johnstons' Season 11

Jeskanen, speculated to be a new addition to the cast, is an exchange student from Finland. He is basically a tourist appearing on the show who is catered to by the Johnstons family for three months.

The little person is from North Karelia, Finland, who always wanted to participate in exchange programs. Moreover, his siblings have been a part of such programs that made him wish for the same.

Although his mother, Elina Sarpola, did want her youngest son to experience it, she was also concerned about his well-being.

So to make sure Joose has a safe exchange program experience, she started looking for families that appeared suitable for her son. Gradually, she came across the Johnstons, who were also little people.

Elina knew about the family's show and was not holding Joose from going to this family. The Johnstons and the TV producers were also impressed with his fluent English.

Finally, both parties agreed on having Joose as their guest for three months.

A glimpse of the upcoming show suggests the adorable friendliness that grew between Jeskanen and the Johnstons. Viewers will look forward to seeing the little boy's fun in the USA.

Moreover, he will learn about American culture from the family and enlighten them with Finnish background.

Season 11 will be premiering on March 15 at 9.00 pm EST. 7 Little Johnstons has been running successfully since 2015.

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