Who is Liana Wallace? 'Survivor' contestant was invited to Congressman John Lewis' fundraiser

'Survivor' Season 41 contestant Liana Wallace (Image via liana.wallace/ Instagram)
'Survivor' Season 41 contestant Liana Wallace (Image via liana.wallace/ Instagram)

Survivor is set to welcome one of the youngest contestants, Liana Wallace, on its 41st season. The 20-year-old college student was born in Evanston, IL, and currently resides in Washington DC.

On Survivor, Wallace will be seen staying on an island in Fiji. She will face tough challenges along with 17 other contestants. Wallace will have to play smart to survive till the end and win a million dollars.

The official synopsis of Survivor reads:

“A reality show where a group of contestants are stranded in a remote location with little more than the clothes on their back. The lone survivor of this contest takes home a million dollars.”

Survivor contestant invited to Congressman John Lewis' fundraiser

The loving and outspoken Wallace is not just a college-going girl, as there is one accomplishment that she has already experienced in her life and is proud of.

She was invited to give a speech during Congressman John Lewis’ fundraiser for a non-profit organization in her community.

Liana Wallace reveals her game strategy

The Survivor contestant has her strategy planned as she gets ready to fight to win the game. Wallace recently revealed that she would follow in the footsteps of the show’s alums like Tony Vlachos (winner of seasons 28 and 40) and Elaine Stott (season 39 participant).

Speaking about her gameplan, she said:

“In all honesty, I would hope to be a type of hybrid between Tony and Elaine. I would have Tony's game play skills and Elaine's people skills.”

Wallace believes she can be the sole Survivor

Wallace is quite confident that she could be the sole Survivor because women of color are often overlooked and undervalued. So, the winner should be a woman like her who is physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

She said:

“It is women of color who have nurtured and cared for others throughout history. If there was ever a person who was strong enough mentally, physically and emotionally to take on a game full of odds – a woman of color, a woman like me and the women I come from would be the one to do it.”

In Survivor this season, all 18 contestants will be divided into three groups. Each team will consist of six members, and Wallace’s tribe will have contestants, including Evvie Jagoda, David Voce, Eric Abraham, Tiffany Seely, and Xander Hastings.

Other participants include Danny McCray, Erika Casupanan, Shantel Smith, Brad Reese, Jairus Robinson, Naseer Muttalif, Sydney Segal, Sara Wilson, Ricard Foye, Genie Chen, Heather Aldret, and Deshawn Radden.

Hosted by Jeff Probst, Survivor Season 41 will premiere on CBS on September 22 at 8 PM (ET).

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