Who is Michael Barrett? All about Anna Faris' husband as actress surprisingly reveals she is married 

Anna Faris and Michael Barrett were recently revealed to be married (Image via Life & Style)
Anna Faris and Michael Barrett were recently revealed to be married (Image via Life & Style)
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The public was in shock when it was recently revealed that Anna Faris and Michael Barrett are now married. Faris confirmed the news on July 22nd on Anna Faris is Unqualified Podcast. In a conversation with a caller, she said:

“I’m looking around.. my fiancé’s right – he’s now my husband. Yes, we eloped. It was awesome, yeah, it was great.”

Faris has not revealed more details about the marriage. But she said it was at a local courthouse in Washington State. She and Barrett started dating in 2017 and were seen together in the month of September of the same year. Faris stated in an interview that she and Barrett had an immediate kind of intimacy.


Faris said that both of them are introverts, and he is the father of two children. She added that she had learned a lot about herself through his kids.

Faris and Barrett’s engagement was confirmed in January by her mother, who said that they had been engaged for a long time.

Who is Michael Barrett?

Michael Barrett is a cinematographer and is well-known for his work on Bobby, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Ted. Born in 1970, he hails from Riverside, California.


Michael Barrett began studying art history in 1947 at the University of California, Los Angeles. He later shifted to New York City and studied film at Columbia University. He selected Allen Daviau as his advisor for his thesis, and Daviau later recommended him for big projects.

Michael Barrett worked on the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2001 and received an ASC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in 2002. His work on Bobby was selected at the Camerimage Festival in 2006, and he was a jury member at the Camerimage Polish Films Competition.

He met Faris on the set of the film Overboard in 2017, and they started dating each other. This happened one month after Faris divorced Chris Pratt. She confirmed her engagement to Michael Barrett in February 2020 while appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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