Who was Natanya Brook? The Voice and X-Factor contestant dies aged 23 during online gaming session

Natanya Brook, The Voice and X-Factor contestant dies at the age of 23 (Image via Facebook)
Natanya Brook, The Voice and X-Factor contestant dies at the age of 23 (Image via Facebook)

Former X-Factor and The Voice singer Natanya Brook died unexpectedly while playing online late at night. The semi-professional gamer passed away while playing at her Aylesford, Kent home. The 23-year-old reportedly stayed up until 2:00 am playing an online game with some vodka and coca cola on the side.

Natanya Brook’s mother Jenny checked on her the following morning and found her lying up against the bed. She assumed that her daughter was asleep. However, she returned to Natanya’s room a few hours later when she was in the same position. Her mother found it suspicious and attempted CPR.

Emergency services were then called. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead at the scene.


How did Natanya Brook die?

The gamer had a history of seizures. She also had epilepsy when she was just six years old. The Daily Mail reported that Natanya Brook would lose her train of thought, leading to her mother having to save her from harm on various occasions.

Dr. Deirdre McKenna conducted a post-mortem examination on the late performer. She found no abnormalities in Brook’s major organs. McKenna was unable to find the exact reason for her death. It was concluded that she likely died of natural causes in relation to her past epilepsy issues.

Jenny Brook mentioned that Natanya’s friends who she was gaming with, recalled her saying before she went silent:

“Ooh. I feel…”
X Factor singer Natanya Brook died suddenly aged 23 while playing on Xbox.…

Speaking of Natanya’s death, her mother said:

“She changed people's lives, whether it be by encouraging them to sing or making them smile. She just had this ability to pull people towards her. I don't think there is any more she could have done in her 23 years.”

She added:

“It's like a light switch went out. That brings me a little bit of peace as I know she wasn't in any sort of pain as they would have heard it. I still have a gaping hole in me and miss her as she was such an amazing bright light in my life.”
X Factor and The Voice star Natanya Brook, 23, 'died unexpectedly' during gaming session

The mother mentioned that they always told Natanya that her epilepsy was simply a diagnosis and “not an excuse to not do anything.”

Natanya is survived by her parents Jenny and Leslie, her brother Emmett and her grandmother.

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