Who is Nickolas Ray? TikTok star accused of exploiting Noor Dabash 

TikToker Noor Dabash accuses Nickolas Ray of assault (Image via noordabashh and nickolas_ray_/ Instagram)
TikToker Noor Dabash accuses Nickolas Ray of assault (Image via noordabashh and nickolas_ray_/ Instagram)

TikTok star Noor Dabash accuses fellow TikToker Nickolas Ray of assaulting her. Adding to her, she was a minor at the time of the horrifying incident. The 18-year-old has shared her story on Twitter and has mentioned that she wishes Ray would be de-platformed.

Prior to the Canada-born sharing her story on Twitter, she posted a TikTok where she lip-synced that Ray must admit to what he did.

Nickolas Ray, 21, has amassed over six million followers on the video-sharing platform. The Missouri-born went viral online after posting a video of himself performing to Vance Joy’s Riptide.

TikToker Noor Dabash details traumatic incident on Twitter

Noor Dabash has over five million followers on TikTok and has a massive fanbase on Instagram as well. The influencer also has her own YouTube channel, where she has over 26k subscribers.


Dabash is currently dating fellow TikTok star Bryan McKenzie.

While narrating her experiences with Nickolas Ray, she stated that she was heavily intoxicated before the assault. She had also allegedly suffered a panic attack before being r*ped by Ray. Noor Dabash said:

“I oftentimes have very bad anxiety/ panic attacks and the night of July 5th 2021 I had a very bad one, I was curled up in nickolas’s bed crying, shaking, and unable to breathe properly for about 40 minutes, o [I] just wanted someone to be around, nickolas asked if we can talk and I said no (I was in a panicked state and couldn’t form sentences in my own head).”

She continued:

“Once I caught my breath, nickolas pinned me down and proceeded to r*pe me. I was confused, I had a very bad nose bleed afterwards, I got up, left, and went back to my apartment.”

The influencer reiterated not consenting in any form before the assault. She also added that Ray endlessly tried to get into her apartment and had to “BAN him from ever stepping a foot” in her apartment ever again.

Since sharing her story, Noor Dabash has been advocating for Nickolas Ray to be de-platformed.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha