Who is Olive Aranya Apaiso? Thailand crispy pancake vendor issued warning by police over outfit 

Thai pancake seller warned for public indecency (Image via Viral Press)
Thai pancake seller warned for public indecency (Image via Viral Press)
Karishma Rao

Olive Aranya Apaiso’s pancake sales skyrocketed after she began wearing a revealing cardigan while cooking. She has since been visited by Thai police officials who asked her to stop wearing clothing deemed inappropriate.

Olive Aranya Apaiso works at a pancake stall in Chiang Mai. The 23-year-old nursing student was selling just 30 boxes per day until she began wearing her friend’s low-cut tops.

Her sales reportedly shot up after she began wearing outfits that showcased her body. People began lining up for crepes and asked her to pose for pictures as she cooked.

Thailand police warn sexy crispy pancake vendor to wear a bra, maintain social distance from customers

Though the student-chef became popular in the neighborhood, residents were disgruntled by her outfits and reported her to the police. They then paid a visit to her stall on Friday.

Olive Aranya Apaiso receives backlash for disrespecting city’s culture

As police officers arrived at the pancake stall, they told Olive Aranya Apaiso to change her top or she could be fined for public indecency. While leaving her with a warning, they explained food hygiene to the young chef. They also implied that she was disrespecting the city’s culture.

A statement released by the Chang Phueak district council office read:

"Chiang Mai is a cultural city and people have expressed concern about the dress. We have asked the lady for co-operation, to wear a bra that is flesh-coloured and an outfit that is less obscene.”
Aranya Apaiso said she was told to maintain a social distance from her customers queueing for her delicious crepes and to dress more…

Since then, Olive Aranya Apaiso has apologized to those she offended. Her revealing top was held together by a pin. While explaining why she resorted to wearing the said top, she said:

"I need to make my own money. I was just trying to support myself. Customers were queuing up even before the shop opened. Some would even pose with me and share the pictures online, making my stall even more popular.”

She added:

"It has only been three months since I opened but now I have been selling more than 100 boxes of the crispy pancakes a day.”

Olive Aranya Apaiso also promised to “dress differently” and that she would “cover up more” of her body while present at the stall.

Those who dress inappropriately can be fined up to 5,000 Thai baht in Thailand.

Edited by Prem Deshpande
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