Who plays Chanel Dupree on Days of Our Lives? All to know

Raven Bowens as Chanel Dupree in Days of Our Lives (Image via Peacock)
Raven Bowens as Chanel Dupree in Days of Our Lives (Image via Peacock)

Days of Our Lives, the beloved soap opera, has introduced intriguing characters over the years, and one such character is Chanel Dupree. Portrayed by Raven Bowens, Chanel entered the Salem scene with her bakery, Sweet Bits, and a connection to prominent characters.

Bowens has breathed life into the character, bringing depth and authenticity to Chanel's role.

In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Chanel Dupree on Days of Our Lives, including the actress who brings her to life and the mysterious secret that has the character entangled in an interesting storyline.

What happened to the original Chanel on Days of Our Lives?

Before Raven Bowens assumed the role of Chanel Dupree, Precious Way briefly played the character. She made her debut on March 25, 2021, but her stint on Days of Our Lives was short-lived, leading to the recasting of Chanel. Raven Bowens took over the role and has continued to portray Chanel since then, making the character her own.

Chanel, the daughter of Paulina Price and the late George DuPree, first appeared on March 25, 2021. The character's presence in Salem has added layers of drama and intrigue to the soap opera.

What is the secret about Chanel on Days of Our Lives?

Chanel Dupree, despite her seemingly sweet demeanor and successful bakery, harbored a mysterious secret that unfolds in a gripping storyline.

She discovered her bakery vandalized with a spray-painted accusation: "Murderer." This revelation shocked Chanel, hinting at a dark episode from her past that had resurfaced.

The storyline suggested that Chanel's past actions were catching up with her and implied a serious crime. Allie Horton's investigation into the accusation led to revelations about Chanel's life before Sweet Bits Bakery. The character, initially portrayed as a wild child who partied and lived recklessly, may have been involved in a life-altering incident.

Why was Chanel from Days of Our Lives in jail?

Detective Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) arrested Chanel Dupree, which occurred during her mother Paulina Price's election day victory celebration. The reason behind Chanel's arrest was connected to a file once held by attorney Sloan Petersen. The file, which landed in the hands of the District Attorney, led to murder charges against Chanel.

Chanel, unaware of the consequences of her actions as a college student, faced a legal battle. The revelation of her involvement in a potentially serious crime put her life in jeopardy. Legal expert Belle Black, played by Martha Madison, then stepped in to represent Chanel, believing she could help her beat the charges.

Days of Our Lives, often abbreviated as DOOL, is an enduring American television soap opera available on the Peacock streaming service. The soap opera stands among the world's longest-running scripted TV programs, consistently airing on weekdays since its debut on November 8, 1965.

NBC Universal, on August 3, 2022, announced the series' exclusive relocation to the Peacock streaming service, marking a transition after 57 years on the NBC network. The soap opera unfolds in the fictional city of Salem, Illinois, primarily focusing on the Brady and Horton families, while also regularly featuring other prominent families like the DiMera and Kiriakis.

Days of Our Lives is currently in its 59th season and viewers can watch the latest episodes of the soap opera on Peacock.

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