Who is Sarah Potenza? All about the former "The Voice" contestant who received a standing ovation on AGT with her rendition of Mary Gauthier's "Worthy"

Sarah Potenza, who recently appeared on America's Got Talent (Image via Rolling Stone)
Sarah Potenza, who recently appeared on America's Got Talent (Image via Rolling Stone)

A familiar face appeared on tonight's episode of America's Got Talent, Sarah Potenza. Those who are fans of The Voice will definitely recognize her.

Potenza has appeared this time since it is an opportunity for her to show that she is more than just an artist. The singer performed on Mary Gauthier's "Worthy" and received a standing ovation from all four judges.

Simon Cowell complimented Sarah by saying that she just killed it. When Sofia Vergara asked her what took so long for her to come to America's Got Talent, Sarah said she thought she was not worthy. The judge's panel has given her a thumbs up for the next round.

Everyone loved Sarah Potenza's stage presence, and there was a lot of character in her voice. It was evident that she felt grateful to be there, and for now, that is the one thing that matters a lot.

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Who is Sarah Potenza?

The 41-year-old's journey on The Voice was not as she may have desired it to be. Nevertheless, Sarah still garnered a significant following online, with 15,000 followers on Instagram and around 116,000 on TikTok.

The Providence, Rhode Island native passed the audition stage of The Voice in 2015 and joined Blake Shelton's team. She survived until the live playoffs but got eliminated. A few months later, Potenza confessed in an interview with South Band Tribune that she never planned to win the show but instead was looking to raise money for her solo album.

She later started a Kickstarter campaign to help release her first solo album. The album's name was initially "My Turn," but it changed later, and Sarah Potenza collected $41,780 through the campaign.


Sarah Potenza released her first album, "Monster," in 2016. It was made with Snax Records, but she is no longer associated with them.

Sarah released her next album, "Road to Rome," in 2019. It was released independently and was categorized as Blues. To get some help with this project, she started a Kickstarter campaign for the second time.

Sarah Potenza is a known face and has performed in many small shows. Possibly, she will repeat her talent show method for her next album.

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Sarah Potenza says she has performed alongside other singers and bands. But she has never competed against dancers, comedians, acrobats, and magicians that also include children.

But she can still prove to be a real contender on the show.

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