20-year old Hunter Echo labelled a "pedophile" after he makes sexualized comments about Millie Bobby Brown on Instagram Live

Hunter Echo labelled a "pedophile" after making sexualized comments about Millie Bobby Brown
Hunter Echo labelled a "pedophile" after making sexualized comments about Millie Bobby Brown

TikToker Hunter Echo is making news for allegedly addressing relationship rumors with “Stranger Things” star, Millie Bobby Brown. During a recent Instagram Live, the 20-year-old confirmed that he was in a relationship with Brown.

He also mentioned that they lived together for eight months and made some derogatory comments about the actor. The revelation of the alleged relationship came after old pictures of Hunter Echo and Millie Bobby Brown resurfaced online.

Following the comments, fans immediately called out the TikToker for dating a minor, as Brown was reportedly 16 years old when the pair got together. He also came under fire for sexualizing Millie in his video, with many calling him a “pedophile” and allegedly accusing him of grooming.

The latest drama comes after Millie Bobby Brown sparked relationship rumors with Jake Bonjiovi. The duo were photographed hanging out in New York last month and also debuted in each other’s Instagram.

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Twitter calls out Hunter Echo for sexualizing Millie Bobby Brown

TikTok star Hunter Echo has landed in hot water after confirming rumors about an alleged relationship with British actor, Millie Bobby Brown. Several fans criticized the TikToker for allegedly dating Brown despite the latter being underage at the time.

In response, Hunter Echo attempted to take a dig at fans claiming they were not aware of the situation:

“You guys don’t know anything. You guys are just following after one person saying one thing like- ‘everybody hates him’ so that everyone’s gonna hate me.”

The California-native appeared in the Live alongside a friend, who further sexualized Brown by saying:

“That child knew how to suck d***”

Following the statement, Hunter laughed on camera and agreed, saying:

“She did.”

Enraged fans vehemently condemned the statements and mentioned that the TikToker could face a lawsuit for his behavior. He responded to this by saying:

“There is no lawsuit at all. I was living at Millie’s house for eight months… her mum and dad knew about everything.”

Hunter Echo ended up receiving severe backlash from fans during the Live. The same fans also took to Twitter to share their angered reaction to the situation:

Meanwhile, some fans also called out Millie Bobby Brown's parents for not being responsible and giving her consent to date an adult man:

One fan seemed to have perfectly summed up the situation, holding both Hunter Echo and Brown's parents accountable:

As criticism continues to pour in online, Millie Bobby Brown maintains her silence regarding her private life. It remains to be seen if the actor will address Hunter Echo’s controversial statements in the days to come.

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