Who is Hunter Echo? All about Millie Bobby Brown's alleged TikToker boyfriend

Image via Getty Images & Instagram
Image via Getty Images & Instagram

TikToker Hunter Echo has caught the attention of Stranger Things fans after coming on an Instagram live stream responding to comments about the alleged relationship between him and Millie Bobby Brown. During the livestream, the TikToker was also called out for grooming Brown.

The 17-year-old actress shared a glimpse of her rumored relationship with Jake Bongiovi, son of singer Jon Bon Jovi, last month on her Instagram stories. Bongiovi and Brown were also spotted together in New York in April and have also been seen commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

Fans were quick to assume that 19-year-old Bongiovi and Brown were dating each other until pictures of Echo and the Stranger Things actress took over the internet. The two were seen together during the New Year of 2021.

TikToker Hunter Echo speaks about his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown

Hunter Echo took to Instagram, responding to comments about the alleged relationship between Brown and him. In a live stream, Echo said:

“You guys don’t know anything; you guys are just following after one person saying one thing like- “everybody hates him so that everyone’s going to hate me.”

Echo was seen on the livestream laughing with his friend. He continued:

“You guys just follow each other like a big duck followed by little ducks. Whatever the top thing is, you just follow up. You guys don’t know the story of anything, and I will never apologize. I hope you know that.”

Though the TikToker came on the live stream to set the record straight about the alleged relationship, Echo continued to reiterate that he had nothing to apologize for. He stated:

“I have nothing to apologize for, so make that clear. I have zero things to apologize for. You guys do not know a single thing at all.”

Who is Hunter Echo?

The California-born TikToker has amassed over 1.6 million followers on TikTok. Hunter Echo is estimated to be worth $500k. The 20-year-old gained a following on social media by posting short videos and has also gained over 123k followers on Instagram.

Brown allegedly met Echo when she was 15 years old and began dating him when she was 16. The rumored couple also lived together for eight months.

TikToker Hunter Echo under fire for sexualizing his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown

Fans were disgusted to see the 20-year-old speak about his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown, who was then 16 years old. Hunter Echo was seen sexualizing the actress, who is a minor. Fans fired at him during the livestream, and the TikToker did not seem to care.

Netizens also blamed Brown's parents for allowing her to live with Echo and called him out for victim-blaming as well.

Millie Bobby Brown has not spoken about her relationship with either of the men. She has always been quiet about her dating life.

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