Who is Sierra Jackson from ‘The Bachelor’? Yoga instructor loves scavenger hunts

‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 contestant Sierra Jackson (Image via sierrajackzen/ Instagram)
‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 contestant Sierra Jackson (Image via sierrajackzen/ Instagram)

The new season of The Bachelor is all set to welcome Sierra Jackson as one of the 31 suitresses. She is a 26-year-old yoga instructor and professional model.

The Dallas resident will arrive in a Persian blue cocktail dress to impress this season’s The Bachelor lead Clayton Echard.

According to her bio on ABC’s site, Jackson is a fun personality. Her bio stated that she loves playing games like scavenger hunts.

The bio further mentioned that her favorite flower is a black rose and her favorite food is Korean, especially “kimchi and salad.”

Her adventurous personality is something that might impress Echard, who himself is an athlete and might like to join her in the scavenger hunt.

Sierra Jackson wants a man with good hygiene

The yoga instructor not only likes to keep her mind clean but also her surroundings. Her bio mentioned that Jackson wants a man who prefers cleanliness as she won’t waste time on anyone with poor hygiene.

The bold and beautiful woman is passionate, determined, and loves traveling and dressing up. As per her ABC’s bio, she has come on The Bachelor to find a husband as she is ready to settle down and start a family.

The profile further mentioned the qualities she wants in her life partner. It reads:

"She is looking for a man who is cultured, direct and just as ambitious as she is. Sierra is done wasting time and is ready to jump into love with both feet.”

Clayton Echard’s ‘The Bachelor’ premieres on January 3


The Bachelor Season 26 will be hosted by Bachelor Nation alum Jesse Palmer, who will turn host for the first time for the franchise.

A total of 31 suitresses will be welcomed on the dating series, which is something that is happening after two years. However, if reports are to be believed, the count will go to 30 women after a suitress named Salley Carson will reportedly leave the show on the first day.

Apart from Carson, the remaining ladies of The Bachelor include Sierra, Gabby, Samantha, Hunter, Teddi, Kira, Mara, Hailey, Marlena, Ivana, Lindsey W., Rachel, Jane, Genevieve, Daria, Ency, Shanae, Claire, Jill, Susie, Sarah, Cassidy, Rianna, Tessa, Eliza, Serene, Elizabeth, Kate, Lindsay D., and Melina.

The Bachelor Season 26 is all set to premiere on ABC at 8.00 pm ET on Monday, January 3.

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