Who was Sticky Vicky, aka Victoria María Aragüés Gadea? Tributes pour in for Benidorm legend after her death at 80

Social media users
Social media users' tributes explored as Sticky Vicky passes away after a seven year long battle with cancer. (Image via María Aragüés Gadea/ Facebook)

Renowned dancer Sticky Vicky sadly passed away at the age of 80, on November 29, 2023, following a seven-year battle with cancer. Her daughter announced the news of her death on Facebook and said:

“I regret writing these words, my mother Sticky Vicky passed away today at 6 in the morning, I can't believe it, she has gone surrounded by her family, with all our love. I thank God for being able to always be by her side, I am left with a broken heart."

A prolific dancer and performer, Sticky Vicky was well known for her adult shows in Benidorm, where she pulled a variety of items, like ping pong balls, razor blades, handkerchiefs, and more, from her private parts. She was known to perform at the Costa Blanca resort, where she could be seen for six days a week.

However, she discontinued her shows after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. That is when her daughter took over her shows and began performing with the same stage name, Sticky Vicky. Born as Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, in April 1943, Sticky Vicky studied classical ballet for 15 years, before becoming a dancer and performer.

Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, who passed away due to health complications on November 29, 2023, was hospitalised in 2022. Initially admitted for knee injuries requiring surgery, she was discharged after just five days. However, complications arose when one of the surgical sites got infected, leading to her readmission. Despite the incident occurring several months ago, the performer's health deteriorated significantly.

Sticky Vicky’s name was given by a businessman, and she also appeared on TV

Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Victoria María Aragüés Gadea's career spanned more than five decades as she was actively performing till 2016, until she was diagnosed with cancer. Originally named Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, Sticky Vicky’s stage name was given to her by a businessman.

Victoria moved to Benidorm in the 1980s, where she started performing in a hotel and garnered a lot of popularity and success. The audience gathered to see her perform, as she stunned people by pulling out various objects from her private parts.

A Spanish newspaper, El Pais claimed in 2007 that more than six million tourists had seen her perform. Her popularity also made her enter the world of television, as she was seen in a few episodes of Benidorm.

However, she performed her last show in Autumn 2016, as she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, and had to undergo treatment for the same.

While the dancer was never married, she has two kids, a daughter, Maria, who followed the legacy of her mother and now performs just like Sticky Vicky did, and a son, Eduardo, who, reportedly keeps away from the spotlight.

Social media users mourn the death of Victoria María Aragüés Gadea

The untimely demise of the renowned dancer and performer has left her friends, colleagues, and family devastated. Social media has been flooded with tributes and posts from users who are expressing their shock and sorrow at the news of her passing.

While social media users, friends, family, and fans continue to mourn the passing of the dancer, the family has not yet revealed the details about the funeral and memorial services.

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