Who is Vikkstar's girlfriend? Fans rejoice as YouTuber gets engaged

Gamer Vikkstar announces engagement on Instagram (Image via vikkstagram/Instagram)
Gamer Vikkstar announces engagement on Instagram (Image via vikkstagram/Instagram)

YouTuber Vikkstar, Vikram Singh Barn, announced on his Instagram profile today that he is engaged. He is best known for being part of the Ultimate Sidemen group, on the video sharing platform.

His YouTube channel has amassed over 7.45 million subscribers.The gamer recently made headlines after he announced that he was going to quit playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

Though the YouTuber’s fiancée makes appearances on his Instagram account, she seems to enjoy living away from the public eye.

Who is Vikkstar’s fiancée?

Fans of the gamer were aware that the 26-year-old has been in a relationship since February this year. However, they never knew her name or any details about her.

His bride-to-be is rumored to be Ellie Harlow, although she has never been tagged in any of the posts uploaded on Vikkstagram’s Instagram profile.

Many devout followers have endlessly asked the YouTuber why his girlfriend does not appear in his videos or have her own channel. However, Vikkstar has claimed that she does not want to put her private life at risk.

According to Celeb Saga, she has her own Instagram profile under the username @ekharlow. However, it is not a public account.

Followers react to Vikkstar's engagement

Vikkstar’s engagement announcement on Instagram included him proposing by the beachside along with candles and rose petals. The gamer’s comment section was filled with congratulatory messages. A few read:

“Aaaaay my man! Congratulations to both of you” [email protected], Instagram
“Congratulations my bro” [email protected], Instagram

Another comment read:

“Fantastic News. Congratulations to you both" [email protected]_op, Instagram
@Vikkstar123 YES VIKK!!!! CONGRATS PAPAA. <3
@Vikkstar123 So so good 🥰🥰🥰 overjoyed for you both xxxx
@Vikkstar123 Wooooo congrats to you both!!! Very very happy for you🥳🥳🥳

Prior to dating Harlow, the YouTuber had been in a relationship with actress and influencer Kayleigh Woodley since 2015. Neither of the two announced their breakup, but according to Woodley, their relationship ended in 2017.

More about Vikkstar's group, The Sidemen

The Sidemen group, along with the newly engaged YouTuber, recently collaborated with MrBeast as well. Aside from playing COD, he is also known for his Among Us, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and other gaming content.


The Ultimate Sidemen gave themselves the name in reference to being the ones "behind the scenes," who are often not noticed by many.

Being a part of the Ultimate Sidemen group, Vikkstar and all the members are fanatics of FIFA and association football. The seven members including KSI, Zerkaa, Behzinga, W2S, TBJZL, Miniminter and Vikkstar himself created their group in 2013. However, they only started uploading videos in 2018.

Along with their regular uploads they also have a YouTube Original series named "The Sidemen Show." Their main YouTube channel has accumulated over 14 million subscribers till date.

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