Who is Viktoria Kashirina? Teacher fired after Instagram pole dance video goes viral 

School teacher fired from job after inappropriate Instagram post goes viral (Image via vikakashirina_/ Instagram)
School teacher fired from job after inappropriate Instagram post goes viral (Image via vikakashirina_/ Instagram)
Karishma Rao

Russian schoolteacher Viktoria Kashirina was recently fired from her job after a risqué video she uploaded to social media went viral. The 23-year-old deleted the Instagram post after receiving immense backlash from student’s parents and school faculty.

Viktoria Kashirina had just graduated from college. She taught language and literature to sixth graders at School No. 1, a private online educational institution based in Moscow.

Along with being part of the school's faculty, Kashirina was a practicing pole dancer on the side, which she has claimed did not interfere with her teaching career.

Parents immediately complained to school administrators after finding Viktoria Kashirina’s Instagram profile.

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Teacher Viktoria Kashirina defends her now infamous Instagram post

The social media personality recently graduated from Russian State Pedagogical University. She attained a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Studio Arts. Being an internet personality, she has worked with several brands promoting various products on her social media handles.

Following her Instagram upload, an angry parent had sent a message to Viktoria Kashirina which read:

"Please do not post such e**licit videos, or close [your social media]. My daughter watches this and you are clearly gaining kudos — but not as a teacher.”

However, the dancer- teacher found nothing wrong with the content she had posted. She told Komsomolskaya Pravda, a local news outlet:

“I have been pole dancing for several years and dreamed of making a video for a long time.”

She continued:

“It was, of course, not meant for students. This student’s mother demanded I close the account. I refused, and instead blocked both the daughter and the mother … but it was already too late.”

The young teacher was also visited by the school’s director who stated that they “understand how these parents feel,” according to an East2West report.

The school’s director also added that Viktoria Kashirina had the right to practise her “freedom of expression” but in doing so, she had “stepped on our freedom.”

The information got here from Russia, {that a} Russian trainer fired her title is Viktoria Kashirina. She was working as a literature trainer. she was the favourite trainer of her college students. Her college students are between the ages of 11 to…

The teacher has not received her notice and continues to teach her online classes. However, the director has stated that Kashirina has been “fired.”

It is reported that Viktoria Kashirina will be taking matters to court as there were no social media restrictions put across at the time of employment.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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