Who won Jeopardy! tonight? July 26, 2023, Wednesday

3 players try to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)
3 players try to win Jeopardy! (Image via jeopardy.com)

Jeopardy! game 228 aired on KABC-TV this Wednesday, July 26, at 7 pm ET. The episode showcased the return of one-day winner Julie Sisson, with the total earnings of $11,210, so that she could defend her title against new players. Originally from Everett, Washington, Julie works as a library circulation assistant.

Her challengers were Lucas Partridge, a school counsellor from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Alex Muhler, a policy analyst from Oakland, California. The three players were supposed to answer the maximum number of questions across three different rounds to win the game.

Today’s Jeopardy! winner is Lucas Partridge

Lucas became the new winner after getting a sizable lead in the second round, so much so that he did not even have to answer the third round question. Julie lagged behind everyone and scored the least by the end of the game.

The categories under the first round were Crooks, Recent Tv Shows By Episode Title, All Kinds Of Literature, World Of Religion, I’M Blue, and “Da” Or “Ba” Or “Dee.”

Alex immediately got the lead using a daily double worth $2600, as compared to other slow players. Lucas was just behind Alex, but could not answer some questions in the end. In total, Alex answered 12 questions correctly and Julie gave 5 right answers against no wrong response. Lucas answered 10 questions correctly and 1 incorrectly.

The score after the round was Alex at $7600, Lucas at $5000, and Julie at $2800.

The categories under the Double Jeopardy! round were Brace For Landing, Dual Biographies, Physics, Taking Stock, Long Movies, and From The French.

Lucas took advantage of Alex missing the second daily double and took over the game in the last question with a huge bet. In total, Lucas answered 22 questions correctly and Julie gave 8 answers, against 2 incorrect responses. Alex gave 20 right and 4 wrong answers.

The score after the Double Jeopardy! round was Lucas at $20,100, Alex at $6000, and Julie at $3200.

The three players got the right answer for the final category. Lucas did not even bet any money and still scored $20,100 in the game.

Hence, Lucas Partridge won Jeopardy! today.

Lucas Partridge:Tonight's winner (Image via jeopardy.com)
Lucas Partridge:Tonight's winner (Image via jeopardy.com)

Final Jeopardy! results today

The category of the final question of Jeopardy! game 228 was Opera Source Material. The finals clue read:

"Henri Murger, who was broke & lived in a freezing attic apartment in Paris, wrote the source material for this 1896 opera."

The response was “What is La Bohème?” and everyone got it. Julie earned $390, and Alex scored $100, in the round. Lucas knew the answer and still did not bet anything on it, as he was sure of winning.

The score of the game at the end of the three rounds was as follows:

Lucas Partridge: $20,100 + $0 = $20,100 (What is La Boheme?) (1-day total: $20,100)

Alex Muhler: $6,000 + $100 = $6,100 (What is La Bohème?)

Julie Sisson: $3,200 + $390 = $3,590 (What is La Boheme?)

As the new one-day winner, Lucas will defend his title against new players until someone defeats him. He can also reach the Tournament of Champions after 4 more wins.

Lucas will play against Alicia Schaffer and Zach Razavi in the next game of Jeopardy!, which airs on Thursday, July 26.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal
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