Who was YNT Juan? All about the 17-year old Rapper who tragically died after being fatally shot in Connecticut 

Rapper YNT Juan, who was recently shot and killed (Image via Instagram/yntjuan)
Rapper YNT Juan, who was recently shot and killed (Image via Instagram/yntjuan)

17-year-old rapper Juan Bautista Garcia, also known as YNT Juan, is no more. He was found dead on Sunday, in a parked car on Martin Street.

YNT Juan had a huge fanbase on social media before his death. He posted the new Power Remix a few hours before his death and has around 25,000 followers. Most of his songs on SoundCloud have been played thousands of times, with each song surpassing the popularity of the previous track.

The rapper’s friends left touching words in the comments section of the Power Remix video. His friend Janine reflected on the loss while speaking to the Connecticut publication, Hartford Courant. She said,

“He was only 17 years old. He never went live on his Instagram to talk about drama, he only went on there to support his friends or promote his music. [He] didn’t even get to graduate school yet.”

YNT Juan’s death is being investigated by the Hartford Police Major Crime and Crime Scene divisions. He is not the only rapper who has died at a young age. Last month, Indian Red Boy was shot and killed when he was on Instagram live and before that, Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla and MO3 met the same fate.

Who is YNT Juan?

Rapper YNT Juan (Image via Twitter/wwetv_website)
Rapper YNT Juan (Image via Twitter/wwetv_website)

As mentioned earlier, 17 year old YNT Juan’s real name was Juan Bautista Garcia. He had almost 25,000 followers on Instagram and 4,000 views on his YouTube videos. His recent video named Power Remix was released last week.

YNT Juan’s murder is part of an unsettling trend of fatal shootings that started with the murder of King Von in November 2020. Since then, MO3, Hot Boy Ju, and more have been victims of the same.

While paying tribute to the young rapper, hip-hop fans were concerned about the increased incidence of rappers getting shot and killed. Many users were of the opinion that something needs to be done immediately to curb gun violence.

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