Why was Casey White in prison? Crimes and conviction explored as escaped Alabama inmate is caught after car chase

Casey White's mugshots (Image via U.S. Marshals/Twitter)
Casey White's mugshots (Image via U.S. Marshals/Twitter)

On May 9, Casey White, the runaway Alabama convict, was finally caught after a car chase with the Indiana police. The pursuit also resulted in the demise of his escape collaborator Vicky White, who allegedly killed herself. The tragic end to their run ended the eleven-day manhunt, which had begun after White's escape from prison on April 29.

Ex-officer Vicky White was accused of helping White escape from an Alabama jail last week. As per NBC, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told the local press that the fugitive had surrendered himself after the car chase and demise of the 56-year-old former correction officer.


At the time of his capture, White said that his 'wife' had shot herself towards the end of the chase. From what is known, Vicky, the former Lauderdale County Assistant Director of Corrections, was not actually married to White. She was reportedly rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead in the evening.

Casey White’s incarceration: Exploring his crimes


Inmate Casey White escaped the Lauderdale County Jail at Florence, Alabama, alongside Vicky White. While the 38-year-old inmate claimed that the former officer was his wife during his recapture on Monday, May 10, the two are not legally related.

White had been in jail with a 75-year imprisonment sentence at the Alabama Department of Corrections for a series of criminal offenses, including murder, before his escape. As per records, Casey Cole White has committed multiple crimes over the years.

On December 2, 2015, White broke into his ex-girlfriend’s residence and held her hostage along with two other people. The convict was also accused of firing at his hostages as they had attempted to escape. On the same night, the perpetrator stole a vehicle and threatened a truck driver in order to hijack his vehicle. Casey White also shot another woman in Tennessee in an attempt to seize her car on another occasion.

At the time, White had surrendered himself and was sentenced to imprisonment in Alabama following the trial.


Later, in June 2020, Casey White confessed to having murdered 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway in 2015. He was allegedly paid to kill her. However, White later denied his admission of guilt. The inmate was supposed to be on trial (scheduled to be in June) for the murder of Ridgeway prior to his escape.

It is unclear whether the trial will continue in June, following his additional criminal activities since his escape from prison. In addition to the previous 75-year-imprisonment sentence, the upcoming charges will include the verdict from his murder trial. They will further consist of the Class B felony charge for his escape from the Alabama prison.

Casey White’s legal counsel initially claimed insanity to not plea guilty, but there is a possibility that the convict could receive the death penalty in the future.

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