Why is Hailey Bieber's skincare line 'Rhode' being sued? Clothing brand slams model with trademark infringement lawsuit 

Hailey Bieber found herself in legal problems due to her company's name (Image via @rhode and @rshoprhode/Instagram)
Hailey Bieber found herself in legal problems due to her company's name (Image via @rhode and @rshoprhode/Instagram)

Hailey Bieber has landed in legal problems for her newly launched skincare brand, Rhode.

A clothing brand of the same name has filed a litigation against Bieber, saying that she had tried to acquire their company name and knew about their existence before launching her skincare line on June 15, 2022.

They are demanding that Bieber change the name of her business, which is causing confusion among buyers and might damage the hard work put in by the apparel line to establish their brand.

RHODE co-founders reveal that Hailey Bieber had tried to buy their brand four years ago

In an official statement posted on their Instagram handle on June 21, RHODE's co-founders Phoebe Vickers and Purna Khatau said that they were "forced" to file a lawsuit to protect their brand and business.

The post claimed that Bieber had tried buying the company four years ago. However, the request was declined by the owners:

"Hailey could choose any brand for her skin-care line. We have only the brand name “RHODE” that we’ve built. That’s why we didn’t sell her our brand when she asked four years ago, and why we ask her now to change her skin-care line’s brand."

The statement also mentioned that Bieber's company was "hurting" their brand and everyone associated with it, including employees, customers and partners.

Many A-list celebrities like Beyonce, Mindy Kaling and Kelly Clarkson have previously been spotted in RHODE outfits, thereby bettering the clothing line's credibility.

Why Rhode? Because it is Hailey Bieber's middle name

Lisa T. Simpson, the lead litigation counsel for clothing bran RHODE, told Page Six Style:

“She did this despite knowing of Rhode and its prior rights. It’s an unfortunate circumstance. We, of course, understand that Hailey wants to use her middle name for her brand, but the law on this is clear: you can’t create this kind of brand confusion just because you want to use your name."

She also added:

"What Ms Bieber is doing is harming a minority co-owned business that two women have painstakingly built into a growing, global brand.”

No comments have been made by Hailey or her legal team.

What other name had Hailey choosen for her skincare line?

Prior to this, Hailey Bieber had tried to trademark numerous different names for her brand.

She initially chose to use the name 'Bieber Beauty', but it was rejected on account of getting confused with a different brand already registered by her husband, Justin Bieber. This led her to use her middle name to promote her skincare line.

She filled trademarks in categories including "wellness merch, bath and shower products, beauty creams, personal cleaning products, cosmetics, make-up, fragrances, haircare, and skincare."

When asked about her beauty brand, Bieber said on a podcast with Demi Lovato:

"I feel like for the first time ever I know this is where I'm supposed to be and this is what I'm supposed to be doing."

In January, the star had posted a sneak peek for her company, with an Instagram picture that captured her with glowing skin.

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