Why is March 7 trending on TikTok? Football related content ban explained

TikTok guidelines update on March 7 has sports creators worried about getting banned (Image via TikTok/Facebook and Alistair Berg/Getty Images)
TikTok guidelines update on March 7 has sports creators worried about getting banned (Image via TikTok/Facebook and Alistair Berg/Getty Images)

March 7 is the new entry in dreaded dates on social media. Fear of dates is not a recent phenomenon, from "Friday the 13th" to the year "2012," people fear specific dates for no tangible reason.

TikTok announced an update in their guidelines from March 7 and users are fearful about how it will affect creators. The date has become a trending topic on social media with people making content around it, with sports creators being on the verge of getting banned.

TikTok will introduce new guidelines on March 7

TikTok has become a notorious place for harmful content. The app keeps updating its algorithms to catch dangerous videos but often fails. Recently, a trend related to intoxicating drinks went viral on the app, and many other similarly harmful videos have trended in the past.

The number of such videos has prompted the platform to update its guidelines with stricter rules. The guidelines will limit content including s*x, n*udity, self-harm, etc. It will also prohibit stunts performed by non-professionals, including stunts related to sports.

This leads people to believe that sports will be banned from the platform, which is not entirely true. TikTok will delete harmful sports stunts and challenges, and it might also delete videos with copyright infringement.

The safety of minors is TikTok's major concern

The app is trying to make the space safer for minors. Bullying and hate speech are major problems that steam problems like body dysmorphia, eating disorders, or self-harm.

TikTok already has a strong stance on explicit content and n*dity but reinforces them. They will also be monitoring and removing challenges that could cause harm to life or the body. Last year, dangerous challenges like "the milk crate challenge," "the woosh bottle challenge," and "the blackout challenge" went viral on the platform. These challenges were very hazardous, causing serious harm to numerous challengers.

TikTokers are scared about the March 7 update

Creators are worried about how the update will affect their accounts. Many have posted videos bidding farewell to the platform. Here are some reactions from Twitter:

The majority believes that the guidelines will make the platform a safer place for content creators and consumers, and as far as football content is considered, the platform will not ban the sport. However, dangerous stunts and copyrighted content relating to them might face some issues. Interested readers can check out the complete guideline update on TikTok's official page.

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