What is the Milk Crate Challenge? Injuries, fails, and memes galore as TikTok’s latest trend takes over the internet

The Milk Crate Challenge has set the internet ablaze (Image via Sportskeeda and Twitter)
The Milk Crate Challenge has set the internet ablaze (Image via Sportskeeda and Twitter)

The latest trend keeping social media users glued to their phones is the Milk Crate Challenge. The viral challenge taking over the internet includes stacking several milk crates on top of each other and a person attempting to climb atop the highest one.

Though the task seems simple, it has proven to be tough. Many participants, unfortunately, have fallen off the milk crates in an attempt to climb the highest one.

According to Complex, the standard industrial milk crate can withstand over a thousand pounds, but they do not offer enough stability when stacked on top of each other. This would mean that the higher a participant climbs on this milk crate staircase, the more challenging it becomes to remain balanced.

The challenge often occurs on uneven lawns, which has been told not to be suitable for the Milk Crate Challenge as it does not offer enough stability.

Milk Crate Challenge sets internet ablaze

Several attempts by participants trying to climb the highest milk crate have been uploaded online. Not many have won the challenge, and below are a few ill-fated attempts where participants met their downfall.

A few chosen ones completed the challenge. One of the few victors who goes by the name of “Tic,” aka Shauntica Williams, claimed to have attempted the challenge on a whim.

She told The Grio:

“I was like alright, I’m bout to get up then. I was going up there, and I’m like just… you can’t fall, you can’t fall. You can’t embarrass yourself.”

The video, posted on Instagram by the user h4gwalla, has garnered over 52,000 likes.

Another participant took on the Milk Crate Challenge and became the first to win the challenge while allegedly consuming substances. The video posted by SirVstudios reported that White Mike had set the world record for:

“Being the 1st person to complete the Milk Crate Challenge while rolling a bl**t.”

The video was reposted by American rapper Snoop Dogg on Instagram as well.

Rapper-singer Y K Osiris also attempted the viral Milk Crate Challenge but unfortunately did not win the challenge.

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