5 absurd TikTok trends that could ruin lives in the blink of an eye

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

TikTok has been very controversial because of younger users creating dangerous challenges. Some, like the water challenge, were dangerous but only resulted in TikTok taking as much down as possible. These challenges would lead to the TikToker feeling dumb if they messed up and got hurt.

However, the challenges below are so bad that they ended up on the news. These are the few that TikTok keeps a constant watch on, because it could result in death. Please do not try any of these, they were chosen because they will cause bodily harm and could result in death.

5 TikTok Challenges that could have led to immediate harm

#5 - Penny Challenge

Image via US Mint
Image via US Mint

Sometimes called the "outlet challenge," TikTokers would put a penny in between a phone charger and an outlet to watch the sparks. It is as dangerous as it sounds and is an immediate fire hazard. Luckily, many times the breaker would trip and stop the outlet from releasing too much electricity, saving the TikToker’s life.

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This is one of those challenges that could lead to an outlet not working anymore and needing a replacement. As this gained popularity, many fire departments started to warn about the dangers of playing with outlets.

#4 - TidePod challenge

Image via Tide
Image via Tide

One of the most famous TikTok and YouTube Challenges. YouTube took a much harsher stance towards this challenge than TikTok, and this lead to more people doing challenges on TikTok than YouTube.

In 2018, teens decided to chew on tide pods for views. It was never a good idea and it led to poisoning. This is one of those challenges that could kill those who attempted it. The Tide Pod challenge resulted in vomiting, breathing difficulties, and loss of consciousness in children who had attempted it.

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#3 - Benadryl challenge

Image via Benadryl
Image via Benadryl

Some TikTokers thought it would be fun to take 10 Benadryl tablets at once as part of the challenge. A tablet every 4-6 hours is recommended at a dose of one tablet for children and two tablets for adults. Taken in excess, this allergy medication can cause serious heart problems, seizures, coma, or death. Those who attempted the challenge wanted to experience hallucinations, which can be one side effect.

At least one teenager died from the challenge and another was hospitalized. This challenge became one of the most deadly TikTok challenges.

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#2 - The Skullbreaker challenge

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Clearly, just the name alone indicates how dangerous this trend was. Three people lined up with the target in the middle and they all agreed to jump. When the middle person jumps, they are tripped midair by the other two and fall hard.

Normally, their skulls will hit the ground, leading to the name. After a teenager in Venezuela was hospitalized after doing this challenge, the skull breaker became well known.

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#1 - The boiling water challenge

Image via ABC
Image via ABC

There are two versions of this challenge, and it’s hard to tell which is worse. The most popular version of this challenge was to throw boiling water on yourself or a friend. Although, It’s hard to imagine someone being someone else’s friend after this challenge.

This is an easy way to get 1st to 3rd-degree burns. Anyone who did this would have needed an immediate ambulance. In the older version, TikTokers drank hot water through the straw which would easily have resulted in some internal burns.

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