Why was T.I. arrested? Rapper recounts collision with police in Amsterdam from a jail cell

Rapper T.I., who was recently arrested in Amsterdam (Image via Loop Trinidad & Tobago News - Loop News)
Rapper T.I., who was recently arrested in Amsterdam (Image via Loop Trinidad & Tobago News - Loop News)

Popular rapper and entrepreneur T.I. was arrested in Amsterdam as his bicycle bumped into a police car. The rapper explained the whole incident on Instagram but looked unfazed about being in custody in a foreign country. In a 2-minute video recorded inside the Amsterdam jail cell, he said:

“So, I’m locked up now; I’m obviously not supposed to have my phone. And because I didn’t have my passport on me. I don’t know. It will be fine.”

The rapper and his wife, Tiny, were in Italy to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary and might have stopped by Amsterdam. He stated that the cops did not handcuff or search him. However, he was asked to get in the back of their car.

T.I. said that the cops were not allowing him to make a bond with the amount of cash he had with him. So he had to call someone to bail him out. TMZ reported that the rapper went live on Instagram after being released and said he wasn’t mad for getting detained.

Why was T.I. arrested?

As mentioned earlier, the 40-year-old is now out of jail. He was busted by Amsterdam cops, but they did not put handcuffs on him. In a video recorded on August 3rd, he said that he was riding his bicycle and did not stop while crossing the street. He kept going, and the handlebar broke off a cop’s side mirror.

According to the video, T.I. remained calm while dealing with the cops. Even the cops calmed down and escorted the rapper to the backseat of their car. After he was released, a few fans were sitting outside a nearby joint. They recognized him and requested a picture. He agreed and sat next to them and ordered drinks.


Amsterdam police have not yet commented on anything regarding the arrest. The popular artist is already going through a lot of issues in the last few days.

Born on September 25th, 1980, as Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., he signed his first major label record deal with Arista Records subsidiary LaFace in 1999. T.I. has been one of the pioneers of hip-hop subgenre trap music with fellow Atlanta rappers Jeezy and Gucci Mane.

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