Why did Tati Beauty close? Tati Westbrook reveals reasons behind company shut down in latest video

Tati Westbrook reveals reasons behind Tati Beauty shutdown in latest video (Image via YouTube/Tati)
Tati Westbrook reveals reasons behind Tati Beauty shutdown in latest video (Image via YouTube/Tati)
Karishma Rao

Famous YouTube makeup personality Tati Westbrook took to her channel today explaining why she is closing her beauty brand Tati Beauty. Rumors of her company coming to an end made headlines recently after her website read that “Tati Beauty is now closed.”

The YouTuber’s makeup line was well adored by fans. An eyeshadow palette including 24 different shades went on to become a customer favorite.

Tati Westbrook was recently hit with a lawsuit in relation to her other company, Halo Beauty, which went on to become one of the reasons Tati Beauty shut down.


What did Tati Westbrook reveal in her latest video?

The 39-year-old uploaded a video titled “Why I'm Closing TATI BEAUTY ...” to her YouTube channel, which has caught the attention of the beauty community. In the short 9-minute video Tati Westbrook detailed the reasons why she was closing her brand.

In the video, she says:

“Tati Beauty is closing its doors. We are no longer selling products online.”

The entrepreneur revealed that due to the pandemic coming into being worldwide, it affected business. The “outside litigation” which Westbrook is also involved in also “hit her life in full.”

She added:

“I wish I was still creating. I wish I was still launching, creating, doing the whole A to Z thing for Tati Beauty. It just did not work out. I’m sad about it, but I’m really grateful that I got the chance to launch what I did.”

The beauty vlogger ended her vlog with a montage of her launching her makeup brand. Fans of Westbrook flooded the video’s comment section with support and were saddened by the end of Tati Beauty:

@GlamLifeGuru I’m so sad I’ll never be able to get the textured neutral’s palette. I wanted it when it launched but by the time I could afford it it was too late 😭
@GlamLifeGuru Tati, you made the best glitters I’ve ever used! I love your palette so so much & this is not the end for you I just know it! Please know if you ever open a new brand, you’ll have all of our support! Don’t ever give up, you’re amazing! Sending so much love! 🥺💖🦋
@GlamLifeGuru I never got to try your products and that makes me super sad 🥺 I haven’t watched the video yet either but I already know you’re going to be on to bigger and better things 💕 I can’t wait to see what you come out with next & I promise to buy it!
@GlamLifeGuru Sorry for you and for the people you employed. Hope you will be able to re open the company after all the legal stuff is done with.
@GlamLifeGuru I’m crying…. So blessed to have one of your palettes and your Blendiful. I love them both so so much, and you. Tati, I hope one day you can create more product. You deserve all the success. You are a light and a joy and thank you.
@GlamLifeGuru Great video Tati! Just finished watching- sad the brand has ended, but I love your positivity going forward! It’s very inspiring 💕
@GlamLifeGuru So sad to hear but I’m glad you’re in a good place and I’m excited to see what you do in the future. 🦋
@GlamLifeGuru This is sad. I'm glad that I was able to get the palette when it came out. I will cherish it. I am so sad coz I've hit pan on my fave shade and can't buy it anymore.
@GlamLifeGuru 😭 I’ll cherish my palette and blendiful forever 💔
@GlamLifeGuru WE LOVE YOU TATI 😭❤️

Tati Westbrook is being sued by her Halo Beauty business partner Clark Swanson, who alleged that she was negligent, involved in fraud, and has breached fiduciary duty in how they handled Halo Beauty. The YouTuber is being sued alongside her husband, James Westbrook.

Halo Beauty is best known for their beauty vitamins, which they launched in 2018.

Edited by Shaheen Banu

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