Tati Westbrook returns after a one-year social media hiatus

Tati Westbrook returns to YouTube after a year-long hiatus (Image via YouTube)
Tati Westbrook returns to YouTube after a year-long hiatus (Image via YouTube)

Tati Westbrook has returned to YouTube on June 17th, a year after her social media hiatus following drama in the beauty community.

Amassing over eight million subscribers, Tati Westbrook, formerly known as YouTube pseudonym Glam Life Guru, has accumulated quite the fan base due to her popular makeup tutorials, "10 under 10" videos, and everything beauty related.

The 39-year-old is also the co-CEO of Halo Beauty, a company that focuses on health and wellness, as well as beauty and skincare.

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Tati Westbrook makes a comeback

Tati Westbrook caused the internet to go into a frenzy on Thursday afternoon after she tweeted an announcement of a new video was coming soon.

Thirty minutes later, fans were stoked with glee as they saw a video notification from the beauty-guru.


Tati posted an eighteen-minute long video titled, "A Year Later...", in which she detailed to her subscribers what had happened to her while she was on a hiatus.

Surrounding the drama between James Charles and herself in 2021, Tati Westbrook explained that she "needed a break" from the numerous "death threats" she had been receiving.

She also informed fans that she had stopped speaking to the beauty community during her hiatus.

"I will quickly share with you guys that when I pulled back, I stopped communicating with everyone in the beauty community. I hadn't talked to anyone in over a year. I really took a break."

Tati then began to breakdown what had occurred during her break, which included a lawsuit from her own business partner, Clark Swanson.

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Tati Westbrook's lawsuit

The 39-year-old then explained why she had not returned to YouTube earlier than planned.

According to Tati Westbrook, her co-CEO Clark Swanson had filed a lawsuit against her and her husband James around late 2020.

However, she also detailed that Clark "betrayed" her by putting out information that was highly confidential.

"I was recently informed that Clark Swanson had been feeding information, disparaging information, to drama channels about myself, my husband, my family, info about Halo Beauty, pipeline of product launches, the kind of stuff that should never be shared."

She then continued by speaking out on how she felt about the situation.

"I think it's so embarrassing. This is not fun for me, this is something I've struggled with when I go to bed at night. This is something that just looms over me. This information was being pushed out on purpose since spring of 2020."

Tati also addressed how the lawsuit was what encouraged her to return to social media.

"That was such a bombshell for me, and kind of the moment when I decided I'm getting back to YouTube. I'm just going to keep fighting this...while my business partner is suing me"

Tati then continued by describing to fans what she claimed felt like the end of her marriage, as she and her husband, James Westbrook, almost got a divorce. She also stated how her hiatus was one of the most "supernatural" years of her life.

Fans of Tati Westbrook were ecstatic to hear about her return, and are excited to see what the Seattle, WA native will be posting next.

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