Video showing Sienna Mae allegedly kissing and groping "unconscious" Jack Wright sparks fury, Twitter slams her for "lying"

Video proof surfaces of Sienna Mae inappropriately touching Jack Wright while he was unconscious (Image via YouTube)
Video proof surfaces of Sienna Mae inappropriately touching Jack Wright while he was unconscious (Image via YouTube)

In a now-deleted TikTok video posted on June 3rd, video evidence showed Sienna Mae groping and "sexually assaulting" an unconscious Jack Wright in 2020. This follows two days after Sienna put out a statement on YouTube saying the sexual assault allegations leveled against her were false.

On May 30th, Mason Rizzo, a friend of Jack and James Wright, took to Twitter to expose an unnamed influencer for "sexually assaulting" his friend and then telling him to "kill himself". Fans eventually drew a link to Sienna Mae, with James eventually confirming it.

The next day, Mason deleted the tweet, replacing it with a message stating that himself, the Wrights, and Sienna Mae were going to handle the situation offline. On June 1st, Sienna Mae put out a YouTube video with a statement, and that following night Jack Wright finally spoke out, claiming everything that was being alleged was true.


Video evidence against Sienna Mae

In a TikTok posted by the Wrights' friend Lachlan Hannemann, Sienna Mae was visibly sitting on top of an allegedly unconscious Jack Wright during a group gathering in 2020.

Lachlan stated that he was watching Jack since he passed out on the couch, and all of a sudden, Sienna Mae sat on top of Jack and he "began hearing kissing noises". He then claimed that he was so "thrown off guard" by the situation that he got up and left, confronting Sienna Mae later on.

"I was taking care of Jack Wright who was unconscious on the couch, Sienna then hops on top of him, and I think nothing of it. I started hearing kissing noises and I peaked over my shoulder and it was exactly that."

The friend of the Wrights then expressed that he felt what Sienna was doing was wrong, so he went back to remove her from Jack. Soon after, Lachlan stated that Sienna was "shocked" and began to "try to justify" what she was doing, only for James Wright to say that it "happens all the time".

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Fans horrified by Sienna Mae's lies

After Lachlan's TikTok surfaced, fans were flabbergasted by the statement Sienna Mae posted prior. People were outraged that the 17-year-old lied directly to her fans about not "sexually assaulting" Jack Wright.

Although she claimed that she and Jack "never had sex", fans pointed out that "sexual assault" is not limited to sexual intimacy, as her groping Jack is still considered to be assault.

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Despite the TikTok now having been deleted by Lachlan, fans were able to save and repost it in hopes that the truth about Sienna Mae would reach all platforms. Sienna Mae has yet to respond to the surfaced video.

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