Mads Lewis responds to Mishka Silva and Tori May "bullying" accusations

Mads Lewis, Mishka Silva, and Tori May (Image via Instagram)
Mads Lewis, Mishka Silva, and Tori May (Image via Instagram)

TikToker Mads Lewis took to Instagram on May 19th, to respond to the bullying allegations made towards her by fellow stars Mishka Silva and Tori May.

All three of the girls are rising TikTok stars, with Mads Lewis at 12 million followers, Mishka at 490k followers, and Tori at 190k followers. Both Mads and Tori were famously known for being part of the Just A House content group in Los Angeles.

According to Mads Lewis, she was taken out of context both times when allegedly "bullying" the girls. Stating that she was only harsh to Tori after she had requested Tori to move her car multiple times, she wrote she "obviously I sounded a little bit more annoyed each time."

In regards to both Tori and Mishka, she wrote:

"I would never treat someone the way she is describing... for no reason. I would never talk poorly about someone or to someone like that for no reason at all."

Bullying accusations against Mads Lewis

Drama ensued on May 19th when Tori May posted a video claiming that she had been "treated like garbage" by another girl in the house "who everyone loves".

Tori also stated that the same girl had caused her to leave the group.

Fans began to demand who the girl was, accusing different members of the house. Tori eventually revealed that the girl was Mads Lewis.

Tori May releases video about "bully" made one month before (Image via TikTok)
Tori May releases video about "bully" made one month before (Image via TikTok)

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In the TikTok video, Tori appears to be tearful. Tori's followers sympathized with her, stating that they "were not surprised" by the accusations against Mads.

Comments on Tori May's TikTok (Image via TikTok)
Comments on Tori May's TikTok (Image via TikTok)

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Mishka Silva adds to accusations against Mads Lewis

Not long after, Mishka Silva added fuel to the fire by commenting on Mads' rudeness. Mishka claimed that while she and Mads were at a shoot, the latter "Honestly couldn't have been more rude and entitled."

Mads Lewis responded via Instagram comment once more, denying Mishka's accusations. She said:

"Mishka, this is not true. This is so sad. When we did talk it was all great so idk where this is coming from. I have also only met you once."

She then proceeded to claim that Mishka was quiet and "closed off", prompting her not to talk to her as much. Mads stated that she didn't force a conversation since Mishka "did not want to get to know" her. She said:

"You were very closed off ..I would never force anyone to open up if they don't want to."

Mishka replied in another post saying:

"She knows how she treated me."

Hours later, Mads went live on TikTok to discuss the Tori situation.


Mads, Mishka, and Tori have not spoken further about the issue following their series of responses. Fans of each of the girls are debating each other to figure out the truth to their stories.

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