Winwin is not leaving NCT: Debunking rumors on the K-pop idol's new studio

Fans discover Winwin's studio in China (Image via SM Entertainment)
Fans discover Winwin's studio in China (Image via SM Entertainment)
Vibha Hegde

After news emerged of NCT's Winwin starting his studio, many fans feared that the K-pop idol's departure from the group was imminent.

However, more information regarding his studio has surfaced. It paints a clearer picture and debunks rumors of an exit from the group. NCT will be performing together according to their agency.

NCT's Winwin opens a studio for promotional activities

On September 30, news about Winwin's studio in China started going viral. According to reports, the studio was set up in July 2020. The studio manager was listed as Dong Sicheng, Winwin's real name.

Many began to assume that these were part of his preparations to leave the group. However, an SM Entertainment spokesperson quickly debunked all of the rumors with a simple statement.

[INFO] 210930 #WINWIN has a personal studio* set up for his acting promotions in China, and he will still continue promotions as #WayV.*(T/N: A personal studio is kind of like an agency just for him for his chinese promos.)Translated by…

In a statement to YTN Star, the SM representative stated that the studio was just for Winwin's acting promotions in China.

The release was received with significant cheer because the idol would be seen in more acting roles in the upcoming years. Fans began to flood social media with celebratory posts.

winwin actor is real😭I remember this scene when he acted in front of wayv 😭his acting was so good I can't wait 🎉so happy for you winwin
winwin set up a personal studio by HIMSELF for his acting activities 🤩 everybody that's the man we stan !!!
ilichil talking abt the repack, taeyong going to a recording with a secret collaborator, doyoung and gongmyung tv guesting, winwin prepping for his acting debut, xiaojun recording smth for three hours...... lord i am only human and there is only so much info i can take
Winwin was acting the hell out of this scene. Had them down bad for him. The Oscar will come!
Starting my morning off with a smile, my boy's finally made his acting debut, making morally ambiguous winwin highly possible

Winwin, aka Dong Sicheng, is a Chinese K-pop idol. He is a member of NCT and the sub-units NCT 127, NCT U, and the Chinese NCT sub-unit, WayV. His first appearance on an NCT-related music release was NCT 127's first mini-album, NCT #127.

He has appeared on several shows but has not made his leading debut yet. Due to this, many fans are excited about what is to come. Given that the studio was established specifically for acting promotions, fans are rightfully speculating on the possibilities.

Given this revelation, the community is now expecting to see him in Chinese shows and movies. Unknown to some, Winwin graduated from The Central Academy of Drama with a major in performance.

The institution is one of the top three art schools in China. Located in Beijing, it comes under the purview of the Ministry of Education. Expectations for the singer's eventual debut are high as fans continue to cheer on the idol.

Edited by Srijan Sen

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