"You put your wife's name in everybody's mouth": Marlon Wayans opens up on advice he gave Will Smith after Chris Rock Oscars slap fiasco

Marlon Wayans on Will Smith Oscars 2022 incident (Image via Rich Polk/Getty Images)
Marlon Wayans on Will Smith Oscars 2022 incident (Image via Rich Polk/Getty Images)
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As per recent revelations, White Chicks star Marlon Wayans gave advice to Will Smith following his controversial altercation with Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. During his recent appearance on Big Boy TV, Wayans took on the trending subject that has been in circulation since the incident on March 27.

Wayans stated with reference to Chris Rock,

"If somebody's walking up on my stage, I know that you ain't coming up to give me five. Like, at a point, you gotta go, 'Oh yeah he's trying to come harm me.'… You gotta protect yourself."
Marlon Wayans revealed what he told Will Smith after the Oscars incident. #ComplexNews

The 49-year-old also insinuated that he would have defended himself by hitting the opposing individual unlike Chris Rock who took a passive approach and did not strike back.

Wayans also made an interesting observation in regard to Smith's demand that Rock should not use his wife's name under any circumstance.

"I think that by trying to take your name out of one person's mouth, now you put your wife's name in everybody's mouth."

What advice did Marlon Wayans give Will Smith?


In his interview with Big Boy TV, Marlon Wayans revealed that at first, like many others, he thought that the slap was fake. Once the fiasco was over, Wayans spoke to Smith directly.

According to Marlon Wayans, he told the King Richard star to consider therapy sessions so he can fight against his issues instead of letting them fester.

"Hey brother you may want to go get you about three hours of therapy…15 hours this week, you need to sit down with a therapist and have a long talk. Something is going on with you."

Marlon Wayans explored the potential cause of Will Smith's sudden outburst

Marlon Wayans on Will Smith slap haha

Wayans further elaborated on Smith's outburst at the Oscars saying that the actor snapped after being pressurized for three decades. He referred to Will Smith's extensive career in the entertainment industry spanning around 36 years during which he has seen and experienced a lot.

The comedian and actor added that Smith has been one of the leading examples of successful black actors in Hollywood, putting a lot of pressure on the actor to keep up that persona.

"See, I don't have that kind of pressure. He's been Black excellence for 30 years, I've been Black alrightness, ain't too much pressure. … People expect me to do dumb stuff, but him? Nah, not Will."

Marlon Wayans also commented on how Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, ironically made her the subject of everyone's discussion.

Will Smith had hurled abuses at Chris Rock following the joke and shouted,

"Keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth."

Clearly, Smith did not want Jada to be embarassed and made a laughing stock because of the joke. However, his reaction had the opposite effect. Wayans noted that Will had put his "wife's name in everybody's mouth" by trying to take her name "out of one person's mouth."

Wayans made it clear that he intended to briefly mention the incident in his recent comedy sets. He also revealed how other comedians have already prepared jokes about the incident.

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